Trigger Events in LeadSquared Rules and Notifications

Step 1 – Selecting the Trigger Event

1. Click Create on the top-right corner of the Rules and Notifications display grid. The Create Rule pop-up box is displayed.

2. Select the required event type from the Event drop-down list. The event acts as the trigger or the starting point of the rule. Once the selected event occurs the rule is triggered. The following event types are available:

  •  Lead Create: Triggers the rule when a lead is created
  •  Lead Update: Triggers the rule when leads are updated. Select the required attribute from the Attribute drop-down list. The following lead update notifications are sent:
    • Lead Score Change: Rules are triggered  when the lead score exceeds the configured score. Example: Lead score change notification is sent to the user, if the lead score changes to 51 from the configured score of 50.
    • Lead Owner change: Rules are triggered, if the lead owner is changed to any owner or specific owner.
    • Lead Stage change: Rules are triggered, if the lead stage is changed to any stage or specific stage.
    • Any field change: Rules are triggered, if the value of the configured field changes.

Note: Rules are not be triggered for bulk import of leads.

  • Activity Create: Triggers the rule when an activity is created for the lead. Select Activity Create from the Event drop-down list and select required activity type from the Activity drop-down list.

  • Activity Update – Allows you to start the event for the selected custom activity or sales activity. Only custom activities or sales activity can selected from the Activity Type drop-down list.

Once you select a custom activity, the associated activity fields also appear which allows you to select further criterias within the activity.

As an example, a ‘sales activity’ is selected as the Activity Type and ‘sales owner’ is selected as the Activity Field. The rule triggers when the sales owner value changes from ‘John Wayne’ to ‘Any’.

  • Task Create: Triggers the rule when a task is created.
  • Task Reminder: Triggers the rule for a task reminder.
  • Task Complete: Trigger the rule when tasks are completed.

3. Select the required attribute or activity for the event type from the drop-down list. This selection is available for the Lead Update and Lead Activity Creation event types only. Please see the below two images for reference.

lead activity creation

lead update drop-down

4. Click Set Conditions.

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