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Triggering Drip Campaigns based on Open/Click in Email Campaigns

You can trigger Drip Campaign email sequence for leads who will open or click one of your future email campaigns.

If you are not familiar with creating Drip Campaigns in LeadSquared, firstly please check:

How to create and schedule Drip Campaigns?

In Step 02 Select Event as trigger of Drip Campaign creation you should select ” On an Activity”.

You will find “Email Opened, “Email Link Clicked” in the list of activities.

Select required option.

Note: Email Sent Option seen is only for other drip campaigns & Sent Emails (of Email Campaigns) can not be used to trigger a drip campaign.

Email link clicked

You can select or type in email campaign name on to which you want to associate Drip Campaign.

Note: Only Emails campaigns in “Draft” status can be selected. The drip campaigns can’t be triggered on email campaigns that are already sent or scheduled. 

If Email Opened is selected you’d have option to select required Email Campaign (draft).

Email Open for DC

And if you choose Email Link Clicked, you can select a specific email campaign or any email campaign.

Choosing a specific email campaign allow you to further specify any or a specific Link clicked in the selected email campaign.

Specific link DC

Once the trigger event is set move on to further steps to complete setting up Drip campaign.

for help with further steps refer to  : Drip Campaign.