Universal Lead Capture Connector

1. Feature Overview

The Universal Lead Capture connector captures leads from popular third-party platforms (99acres, Unbounce, CommonFloor, Sulekha, etc.). In addition, it also enables you to build your own integrations to capture leads from custom data sources.

Once installed and configured, you can leverage LeadSquared’s marketing and sales automation tools to track your leads to conversion.

Core features include –

  • Connecting Multiple Data Sources – Capture leads from multiple data sources through simple API integrations.
  • Syncing Leads Regularly – Sync all the leads captured from custom or third-party data sources with your LeadSquared account on a regular basis.
  • Detailed Logs – View detailed logs of all the data sync processes, including Sync API responses and Transformation API logs, which will help you track all your leads, and avoid lead leakage of any kind.
Note: Depending on your connecter configuration, real-time sync and/or periodic sync is supported for each provider by the Lead Capture Connector.

LeadSquared Lead Capture App


2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • This is a paid feature. To enable it on your account, please reach out to your account manager, or write to support@leadsquared.com.


3. Install the Connector

To install the Universal Lead Capture app –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Apps>Apps Marketplace,
  2. Search for Universal Lead Capture, and click Install.
    • Alternatively, you’ll find the app listed under the Lead Capture tab.
  3. Once the connector is installed, hover your cursor over settings, and click Configure.
  4. On the Configure Universal Lead Capture pop-up, from the Select Role dropdown, choose the user roles for which you want to give connector configuration and actions permission.
    • If you choose to not give permissions to other user roles, then skip this step, and directly click Save.
  5. Once you’re done, click Save. The connector is successfully installed.

LeadSquared Lead Capture App

No further configuration is required. To access and configure each individual connector, navigate to Apps>Universal Lead Capture.

LeadSquared Universal Lead Capture connector


4. Configure Lead Providers

Once you’ve installed the Universal Lead Capture connector, configure and integrate third-party lead providers of your choice with LeadSquared. You can do this from the list of default connectors available in your account.
Additionally, you can also configure your own connector, to fetch leads from custom third-party data sources. To know how to do this, please refer to –

Data SourceHelp Article 
99 AcresIntegrate 99acres with LeadSquared
Housing.comIntegrate Housing.com with LeadSquared
CommonfloorIntegrate Commonfloor with LeadSquared
IndiaMartIntegrate IndiaMART with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with CampusNexusIntegrate CampusNexus with LeadSquared
MagicBricksIntegrate MagicBricks with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with Indiaproperty.comIntegrate Indiaproperty.com with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with LiveChatIntegrate LiveChat with LeadSquared
ShikshaIntegrate Shiksha.com with LeadSquared
Optin MonsterIntegrate OptinMonster with LeadSquared
SulekhaIntegrate Sulekha with LeadSquared
UnbounceIntegrate Unbounce with LeadSquared
Just DialIntegrate Justdial with LeadSquared
Ask LailaIntegrate AskLaila with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with tawk.toIntegrate tawk.to with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with OlarkIntegrate Olark with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with Zendesk ChatIntegrate Zendesk Chat with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with WhatsAppIntegrate WhatsApp Contact Capture with LeadSquared
Razorpay LogoIntegrate Razorpay with LeadSquared
Zoom logoIntegrate Zoom Webinars with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with Gravity FormsIntegrate Gravity Forms with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with TypeformsIntegrate Typeform with LeadSquared
Integrate LeadSquared with Google FormsIntegrate Google Forms with LeadSquared
Integrate Acuity with LeadSquaredIntegrate Acuity Scheduling with LeadSquared
Integrate Calendly with LeadSquaredIntegrate Calendly with LeadSquared
Integrate Shopify with LeadSquared
Custom Data SourcesIntegrate Your Custom Data Source with LeadSquared


5. Uninstall and Disable All Connectors

  • To temporarily pause the pull events for all the live connectors on your app, click Disable. This will retain the data that’s been collected up until that point, but no further lead transfer will take place. From this stage, you can directly Enable the connector to begin collecting data again.
  • To uninstall all the live connectors on your app, click Remove. This will also delete all the existing data that’s been collected up until that point. This includes your account credentials and all logs.

LeadSquared Lead Capture App


6. Error Notifications

If your leads are not being captured as intended, we’ll notify you via email, about the reasons behind this failure.

  • Sync Job Failed – In this instance, the Sync API or the Transformation API have failed, and no leads have been pulled from the data source.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector

  • Partial Sync Error Notification – In this instance, more than 30% of the total leads pulled have an error.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector

  • Sync Job Failed continuously – In this instance, the sync job has failed to fetch any leads in five continuous attempts.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector

  • Configuration/Sync Disabled – If any user has manually disabled the sync process, we will notify you about the same. This is done to ensure that you’re aware of the update, and to remind you to enable the sync process before you restart the lead capture process.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector


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