Use your own Custom HTML to design Email Template

In Email library you can use your own custom built HTML templates to design Email templates. This allows you  to purchase HTML templates from a third party and use “as is” in LeadSquared Email editor.  This allows pre-tested responsive Email templates to work in all the platforms of the LeadSquared applications.

To do this:

  • From the default LeadSquared Dashboard, go to Content-> Email Library and click Add Email Template. The Add Email Template pop-up box appears.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

  • Select Paste your HTML and the Edit Email window appears.


LeadSquared Email Campaigns

Note: Images should be uploaded to LeadSquared image library first then you can use it through absolute path.

Email Personalization:

You can personalize your email by using mail merge fields, keep cursor on the editor where you want place mail merge field and click on mail merge field which you want to insert.

LeadSquared Email Campaigns

To add Un-subscribe, Mailing preference and view in browser link.

Follow the below instruction add un-subscribe, mailing preference and view in browser link, add this below code snippet before end of the body tag.

Unsubscribe<a href=”MXVAR[{unsubscribeurl}]”>Unsubscribe</a>
Mailing preference<a href=”MXVAR[{managesubscriptionurl}]”>Mailing Preferences</a>
View in browser
<a href=”MXVAR[{viewinbrowserurl}]”>View in browser</a>

Example code snippet is attached here for reference.LeadSquared Email Campaigns
Preview of the unsubscribe link, mailing preference link and view in browser tag in email template.LeadSquared Email Campaigns

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