Integration – How to integrate Microsoft Outlook email with LeadSquared application?

LeadSquared’s Microsoft Outlook plug-in allows marketer to quickly capture new leads from their Mailbox and activities that are important from sales & marketing process into the LeadSquared System.

Technical requirements and prerequisites:

  1. Windows 7 or beyond operating system
  2. Have Microsoft Outlook 2010 or beyond installed on your system.


Installing LeadSquared  Outlook plug-in

  1. Download LeadSquared plugin here.
  2. Completely close Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Install Pre-requisites
    1. Microsoft.NET 4.0. You can download this from Microsoft Website .  Please note that you will need full .NET 4.0 framework and not just the Client Profile version.
    2. Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime. You can download this from Microsoft Website. 
  4. Run the LeadSquared for Outlook setup file and complete all steps in the install wizard.
  5. Once installed, open Outlook .
  6. Choose File -> LeadSquared.
  7. Click Login.
  8. Enter your LeadSquared username (email address) and password, and Login.

Outlook Plugin

 What if you don’t see LeadSquared plugin icon after installation?

If you have installed the LeadSquared plugin successfully, and you do not see any errors but cannot see any LeadSquared icons on Home tab of Outlook or New Email Window,  then please uninstall the plugin and then install Microsoft.NET 4.0. and Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime again.

To uninstall LeadSquared for outlook open Control Panel, click on “Uninstall a Program”, select “LeadSquared for Outlook” and click on Uninstall.

Once uninstall is complete, first install .NET 4.0, and then install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.

 Using the Plugin

Sending “Trackable” Emails to Leads and Contacts

Send Email

Send a “trackable” email to your Leads/Contacts via Outlook ([Send from LS] button on New Email Compose Window). The trackable email allows you to track whether the recipient has opened/clicked on the email. If the recipient is not a Lead in LeadSquared, then a new Lead will be created with the given email address and the sent email will be added as an Activity.  The sender will become the lead owner.

Track Email Activities with Leads

Track Incoming Email

With this feature, you can track responses of your prospects in LeadSquared, and score the responses too. (Use [Track in LeadSquared] button on Email window or main window).  While tracking the email responses, you can mark them as “Inbound Lead”, “Positive Response”, “Negative Response” , “Neutral Response” or “Unsubscribed”.   Marking an email Unsubscribe will automatically mark the prospect as “Do not Email” in LeadSquared system, and they will never receive emails until you uncheck the Do not Email checkbox in Edit Lead page. If you track an email from a contact that does not exist in LeadSquared as a lead, a new Lead will be created and the activity will be added to the Notable Activity History.

You can configure which options show up on “Track in LeadSquared” button. By default, the options are “Positive Response”, “Neutral Response”, “Negative Response”, “Unsubscribe Request” and “Inbound Lead through Email”.  The options to track are customizable in Settings -> Lead Scoring -> Lead Scores. The ones tagged as Email Client are the ones which will come here. You can rename the label as appropriate to your business, and modify lead scores as appropriate. You may also give negative lead scores!

Typical Use Cases

  • You make a new contact in a personal meeting, a webinar or tradeshow. You send an introductory email with useful website links in the email to the person using Send from LS button. The lead automatically gets added in LeadSquared, with the email activity and whenever the Lead clicks on the URLs in your email, lead score increases and you get to know that!
  • You send an email campaign, and receive responses back in Outlook. You can mark them as positive, negative, neutral or unsubscribe based on the responses through “Track in LeadSquared” button and respective option.
  • You receive a new lead via email through referral or, and you can directly enter that lead into LeadSquared by “Track in LeadSquared” functionality through “Inbound Lead through Email” option.
  • You are sending an email to an existing prospect to follow-up on a sales thread. Sending the email through “Send from LS” button with some useful URLs/resources added in your email will allow you track if the prospect clicked on the links you provided.

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