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[27-Jul-18] LeadSquared Mobile Updates (v7.1.1) for Android

We’ve released tons of improvements to the tasks feature and also included them in smart views.


Task & Calendar Changes

  • We’ve got a whole new look and feel to the task flow – from the task list and it’s details to adding a task and completing it.
  • You can now exclude completed and cancelled tasks from the view to focus only on what’s pending.
  • See tasks for the current day, week or month in one place – the screen retains your choices for the next time you return.
  • Get lead information directly from the task details screen and mark tasks complete from here.

New task UI tasks UI changes

new tasks changes

  • Tasks can now be differentiated by their color when creating tasks or viewing them on the calendar.
  • All tasks now have an end date/time field to denote when they’re due.
  • Custom fields added to tasks are now supported.
  • See leads available upfront or search for them when associating them to tasks.

tasks screen tasks screen improvements

tasks screen changes


Tasks Tabs in Smart Views

Tasks tabs are now visible in smart views on both online and offline modes.

task tabs smart views