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Master Lead Management for Better and Faster Sales

There’s a lot on offer in this sales webinar. Learn how to –

  • Simplify the lead management process with –
    • Lead & Engagement Scoring – Know how engaged they are with your marketing activities.
    • Quality Scoring – Focus your efforts on leads that meet your quality criteria.
    • Smart Views – Manage & monitor leads, marketing activities & sales tasks in real time.
  • Automate sales funnel movement with workflow automation –
    • Push your leads down the conversion path with the right message at the right time.
  • Control actions and access of your sales reps –
    • Give your sales agents restricted access to prospective leads via Permission Templates.
  • Customize LeadSquared for your business –
    • Customize dashboards, dashlets, sales tasks, sales actions & more.
  • Automate and simplify retargeting tasks with –
    • Facebook Retargeting.
    • Google Retargeting.

Here’s the presentation deck.