[10-Oct-17] Telephony Agent Pop-up Enhancements

If you’re familiar with telephony integrations in LeadSquared, we have good news for you! We’ve released some agent pop-up enhancements to make life even easier.

Launch Agent Pop-up from Manage Leads

You can now invoke the Agent Pop-up from the quick search and lead search boxes on the Manage Leads page. It’s a lot easier now for you to quickly call a lead and edit their details.

Agent Pop-up enhancement (launch from Manage Leads)

Add Tasks and Activities straight from the pop-up

In addition, if you use the Ozonetel integration, you can now save time and effort by directly creating tasks and activities on the Agent Pop-up itself.

If you’re not familiar with telephony integrations we suggest you visit the Apps Marketplace and explore our telephony apps. You can call leads at the click of a button, prevent lead leakage by tracking incoming calls, access call recordings, route calls to your users, and do lots more.