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[13-Nov-17] API Enhancements

We’ve made a few tweaks to our APIs –

Earlier, if you passed a non-region specific API host, you’re response would be slower but the call would go through nonetheless.

  • Now, you must use the correct (region specific) API host to make successful calls. If you use an incorrect (non-region specific) host you’ll get a ‘401 Unauthorized’ error. The corresponding error message will mention the correct API host to be used.
    For more info., see LeadSquared API Docs.
  • The User Authentication API used to get the correct region specific API host is the only API that won’t fail if you pass an incorrect (non-region specific) host. You can use this API to find out the correct host for your region. See User Authentication API.

Also, source-related fields will now be captured in repeated Capture Lead calls.
For more info., see Capture Lead API.