[28-Dec-17] LeadSquared Mobile Updates (v3.4.1) for iOS

Here’s what’s new on your mobile app –

  • View phone call activities.
  • Customize how you view, add and edit lead information.

Phone Call Activities

Inbound and Outbound phone calls now capture details like start time, duration, owner, status and even the call recording. You can view them under the ‘Activities’ section.

iOS Activities Activity Details Screen


Customize the Leads Section

Now customize how you’d like to add, edit and view a lead’s details.

You must be an administrator user to access this feature –

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Customization>Lead Forms.
  2. From the Select Form to Edit drop-down, select Create Lead Form on Mobile.
  3. Organize the form according to how you want it to appear on your mobile app. Click the Select View on Mobile link to configure the ‘Scroll’ view or the ‘Section’ (tab) view.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

Customize lead info

You’ll also see a new ‘Required Fields’ dialog-box that pops up when you’re creating a lead and you miss required fields. It lets you quickly correct your errors and create leads faster.