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[7-Jun-18] LeadSquared Mobile Updates (v6.9) for Android

The LeadSquared Android app is now enhanced to –

  • Open in-app lead details whenever users click LeadSquared links on third-party browsers and applications on their mobile phones.
  • Give sales group managers access to the leave tracker for all sales users.
  • Better track location and check-in more accurately.
  • Have better compatibility with the LeadSquared web application.


Deep Linking

Now access LeadSquared links directly in your mobile app from third-party applications or web browsers. So the next time you receive a LeadSquared link of say, a lead’s details page, on Gmail, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., you’ll have the option to open the link directly in the LeadSquared app instead of viewing it on a web browser.


Leave Tracker for Group Managers

Managers of sales groups can now view and create leaves for their sales users straight from the app.


Location Tracking Enhancements

  • Users can now see their exact check-in/check-out locations on the map.
  • Now, we also capture the latitude & longitude of users when accessing web views within the app via, custom actions/tabs or custom apps on the menu.

location improvements

  • When users check-in, they’ll see a notification that LeadSquared is actively tracking their location.

location sticky notification

  • The app now detects fake/mock locations on check-in and notifies users to check-in from their actual location.

fake location detection

  • We also updated the core location framework across the app, which means –
    • Lots of improvements in location tracking.
    • Fewer location related issues will arise.
    • Improved logs.


Web Compatibility

  • The app now supports restrictions applied to ‘Tasks’ via permission templates.
  • Support for GDPR activities –
    • Email Opt-in on Add/Edit Lead forms – If enabled on Web and part of your Mobile Lead Forms, users will be prompted for comments when unchecking ‘Do not email’ for any leads.
    • Cookie consent & personal data protection activities have also been handled.
  • We fixed a bug where JSON jargon was appearing in the Activity History of a lead.