LeadSquared Mobile App Updates – Android (v10.5)

The latest updates for our app, which is available on the Google PlayStore.

LeadSquared’s Opportunity feature is now enabled on the mobile app. To know more about Opportunities, please refer to Opportunity Management – Feature Guide.

Once you’ve enabled Opportunities on the web application, it is automatically enabled on your mobile app as well. To view this setting from the web application, from the main menu, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Mobile Navigation.



Opportunity Type List

All the opportunity types in your account will be listed on the Opportunities screen.


Opportunity List

  • All opportunities for the selected opportunity type will be displayed here on the basis of user role –
    • Sales Users will see only their own opportunities
    • Administrators, Marketing users and Sales Managers will see all opportunities
      • They will have a filter option to segregate the opportunities on the basis of owner
      • Sales Users will not have this filter option
  • Fields shown on the opportunity cards are
    • Open and Lost State – Lead name, Expected deal size, Expected closure date and Status
    • Won State – Lead name, Actual deal size, Actual closure date and Status

Card Swipe Actions​​​​​​​

Actions on an opportunity-card swipe will enable users to add Activities and Tasks directly from the Opportunity Listing page. If you swipe –

  • Right to left – Add Activity and Add Task

Single Card Selection

  • Call
  • Message: SMS, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business
  • Email
  • Change Owner

Multiple Card Selection

  • Message: SMS, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business
  • Email
  • Change Owner

Search & Filter

  • You can search on the basis of –
    • Opportunity name
    • Lead name
    • Email ID
    • Phone number
  • You can filter on the basis of –
    • Owner
      • Only Admin
      • Marketing Users
      • Sales Managers
    • Product
    • Date Range
    • Contact Stage



Opportunity Details

Details Tab

  • Top Card
    • ​​​​​​​Deal Size
    • Closure date
    • Status
  • Key Details
    • Fields added in the vCard from the web application
  • Related Lead
    • Fields added in Related Lead section the web application
  • Opportunity default form section cards
    • Fields added in each section will have its own card
  • Additional details
    • Created on
    • Created by
    • Modified on
    • Modified by
  • Edit Opportunity
  • Contextual menu
    • Change owner
  • Delete option (if enabled for Opportunities the web application)



Activity History Tab

All the Activities posted against the particular opportunity will be listed here.

Task Tab

All the Tasks posted against the particular opportunity will be listed here.

Notes Tab

All the Notes posted against the particular opportunity will be listed here.

Bottom Bar

From the bottom bar, users can –

  • Call contacts.
  • Add Activity – Thsi will open the list of activities that do not have Enable Details View setting enabled.
  • Add Task.
  • Click on more option to:
    • Message – SMS, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business
    • Email
    • Directions – This will open Google Maps in the navigation mode, and will show the route from the user’s current location to the contacts address location.
    • Add Note



Opportunity Tab

All the opportunities posted against the Lead will be listed under the Opportunity  Tab. Users can also add opportunities from this tab.

On long-press on an opportunity card, the following options will show up –

  • Edit
  • Add Activity
  • Add Task

The list can further be filtered on the basis of –

  • Opportunity Type
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Date Range



Activities and Task Lists

Activities and Tasks posted against an opportunity will be displayed with the opportunity name and icon. The details of the same would have opportunity details shown against the Activity and Task.

Android      Android


Smart Views

Opportunity Smart Views are now supported.



Permission Templates

Permission Templates are now available on the mobile app.