Opportunity Management – Feature Guide

1. Feature Overview

Opportunities in LeadSquared represent your potential deals (for e.g. – cross-sells, up-sells, and other sales opportunities).

Let’s take the example of an insurance company. John Doe has an existing health insurance policy, and he’s shown interest in opting for other insurance policies, such as term insurance, motor insurance and home insurance. The policies he’s shown an interest in are opportunities.

You can now create multiple opportunities on John Doe, to represent term insurance, motor insurance and home insurance. Each of these opportunities will represent different sales opportunities (cross-sells and up-sells). Each opportunity type can be treated as a separate sales pipeline, where you can define different rules and processes (different fields, stages, activities, tasks and automations). Which means, the process you have in place to sell a term insurance policy can be different from the one you have in place to sell a home insurance policy. Your sales users,  from the term, motor and home insurance verticals, can work simultaneously on John Doe to convert the deal.

Here are a few more examples –

IndustryExamples of Opportunities
Online EducationA student enrolled for a course on AI, also shows interest in Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Python. The courses he’s shown interest in are opportunities.
Schools and UniversitiesParents who have two kids, and want both their kids to be admitted in different classes in the same institution. Each of the two kids represents two separate opportunities for the institution.
LoansA customer who has an existing home loan, is also looking to take a personal loan and car loan. The loans he’s shown interest in are opportunities.
Credit CardsA customer who has a Gold credit card has shown interest in upgrading to a Platinum credit card. This up-sell represents an opportunity for the credit card lender.

Here are some of the feature highlights of opportunities in LeadSquared –




2. Prerequisites

  • You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.
  • To enable opportunities in your account, please write to support@leadsquared.com


3. Getting Started

3.1 Opportunity Configuration

After enabling opportunities in your account, you must configure opportunities types –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Opportunities.
  2. Under the Opportunity Types tab, click Create.
  3. Under Create Opportunity Type, you’ll have three tabs – Basic Details, Field Configuration and Form Configuration.

To know more about how to configure opportunities, please refer to Opportunity Configurations.



3.2 Opportunity Management

Once you configure and create different opportunity types, it’ll show up on the Opportunities Management page. On this page, you can perform various actions, such as how to add opportunities to leads, how to perform bulk and grid updates, how to export opportunities and reset filters. To access the Opportunity Management page, from the main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Opportunities>Opportunity Type. To know more, please refer to Opportunity Management.


3.3 Opportunity Details

To view various details on an opportunity type, click on the opportunity to access the Opportunity Details page. On this page, you can add details pertaining to the opportunity, add activities, tasks and notes to the opportunity, and track the opportunity to completion. To access the Opportunity Details page –

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Leads>Manage Opportunities>Opportunity Type.
  2. Under Enquiry, click any existing opportunity. This will open the Opportunity Details page.

To know more, please refer to Opportunity Details. To customise your Opportunity Details page, refer to Opportunity Details View Customization.

Opportunity Details


4. Related Articles

To know more about opportunities in detail, you can refer to the following articles –

Opportunity ConfigurationAdd and configure opportunities for your organization.
Manage OpportunitiesAdd opportunities to leads, import opportunities and perform other actions on the leads.
Opportunity DetailsAdd activities, tasks and notes, and track them on an opportunity.
Duplicate DetectionSet automations and rules to detect and remove duplicate leads.
Opportunity PermissionsConfigure and grant opportunity permissions to your users across role level, sales groups and permission templates.
Import OpportunitiesImport opportunities to LeadSquared through a CSV file.
Opportunity Card CustomizationCustomize the Opportunity Card to only show specific opportunity and lead fields (e.g., Opportunity Name, Expected Deal Size, etc.) to your users.
Custom Opportunity Actions ConnectorCreate and add custom actions on opportunities.
Custom Opportunity Tab ConnectorCreate and add custom tabs on opportunities.
Adding Custom Field Sets to OpportunitiesAssociate Custom Field Sets with Opportunities.
Opportunity Integrations in TelephonyIntegrate telephony providers with Opportunities.
Opportunity Management APIsAccess APIs to create, retrieve, update and delete opportunities, and related resources (duplicate activities, opportunity notes, etc.).

You can use advanced features like creating automations, agent pop-up for phone call integration, etc., on your opportunities.


5. Opportunities on Mobile

From the LeadSquared Android or iOS mobile app, you can add new opportunities, update existing opportunities, and add opportunities to leads.

Note: To access opportunities on mobile, forms must be enabled for mobile. To know more, please refer to Forms and Processes on Mobile.

Once you’ve enabled Opportunities on the web application, it is automatically enabled on your mobile app as well. To change the position of the Opportunities option on your mobile navigation menu, navigate to My Profile>Settings>Mobile App>Mobile Navigation.



5.1 View Opportunities

To view the available opportunities, tap the Hamburger icon, and then tap Opportunities. All the opportunity types in your account will be listed on the Opportunities screen.



5.2 Add Opportunities from the Opportunities Screen

To add an opportunity from the Opportunities screen –

  1. Tap the Hamburger icon, and then tap Opportunities.
  2. On the Opportunities screen, from the list of available opportunities, tap the opportunity type under which you want to add a new opportunity, and then tap Add Opportunity.
  3. On the Add Opportunity screen, from the Associated Lead dropdown, select the lead to whom you want to add the opportunity.
  4. Fill in the other necessary fields.
    • From the Owner, dropdown, you can assign the opportunity to any user within your organization.
  5. Once you’re done, tap Submit.

Opportunities Mobile_1


5.3 Add Opportunities from the Lead Details Screen

To add an opportunity from the Lead Details screen –

  1. Tap the Hamburger icon, and then tap Leads.
  2. On the Lead List screen, tap the lead on whom you want to add the opportunity.
  3. On the Lead Details screen, then navigate to the Opportunities tab, and click the Call Recording icon.
  4. On the Opportunity form screen, enter the required details.
  5. Once you’re done, click Submit.

Opportunities Mobile_2


5.4 Actions

The following actions can be performed on the Opportunities page –

  • Swipe – By swiping an existing opportunity card from right-to-left, you’ll be able to add Activities and Tasks directly from the Opportunites page.
  • Long Press – By long-pressing an existing opportunity card, you’ll be able to call, send an SMS and/or send an email to the lead, along with updating the opportunity owner to a different user within your organization.

Opportunities Mobile_3


6. FAQs


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