LeadSquared Product Update # 24

We finished the 24th production update of LeadSquared on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015. This release was code-named “CHROMIUM”.

Clear your browser cache to access the latest copy of the LeadSquared App. You can do it by using CTRL + Shift + Del on most windows machines and Cmd + Shift + Delete on most Mac machines.

Here are the release notes capturing the changes:

Manage Subscription to Mailing Lists using Email Category

A number of leads do not want to receive all types of emails from an organization. For example, some leads may want to receive only educational emails and some may want to receive only offers.  LeadSquared now offers the features to let email recipients control their mailing preferences.

You can create different category of Emails like “Offers”, “Educational”, “Updates” and let recipient decide what they want to receive. Check Manage Email Subscription Preferences using Email Categories

Mandate Category

Capture any UTM parameters seamlessly

UTM Parameters are standard way of capturing context information about a lead in case of online submissions. We have been supporting automatic capture of utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content so far. With this release we are supporting any additional UTM parameters like utm_term.  You just need to create corresponding custom field in LeadSquared and leave the rest to landing page.

Check Capturing UTM Parameters for more information.

Revamped Settings Page

 We have given a complete new look to settings page. The settings are now organized in 6 main categories comprising of several sub and sub-sub categories.  Hope you like it!


 New Responsive Landing Page Templates

We have added 4 new responsive landing page templates to the library. Just click on “Browse More Templates” button while creating landing page, select the category as “All” to see the templates:

New Lp Tampletes

Ignore counting visits from given IP address

While testing your landing page, you may visit it several times after it is published. These visits can influence the landing page conversion statistics. We have added a setting to let you ignore counting of visits from certain IP addresses.

Navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Lead Tracking -> Ignore IPs and add the IP addresses.

Ignore IP

Find Notes related to Last Activity on Lead Grid

You can now click on “Last Activity Date” of “Last Activity” column data in Lead Grid to find the notes associated with the activity:

last activity notes


Detailed Revenue Analysis

Go to Analytics->Sales and Revenue and click on Detailed Revenue Analysis. You can find revenue distribution based in city, country, Lead Source, Product and Sales Person.

Detailed Revenue Anaysis

Key Lead Metrics

Go to Analytics-> Lead Insights and click on Key Lead Metrics Report. You will find key data on Lead, activity and task here.

Key Lead Metrics

KLM - Tasks

Lead Dashboard

Go to Analytics-> Lead Insights and click on Lead Dashboard. You can analyze Lead Distribution by Lead Source, Lead Age, Owner and Origin here.

Lead Dashboard

Leads Not Contact Report

Leads Not Contacted Report under Analytics -> Lead Insights has been updated to provide filters on Lead Owner, Lead Stage and Activity List.

LNC Report