Manage Email Subscription Preferences using Email Categories

LeadSquared allows you to Manage Subscription Preferences of Leads using concept of Email Categories.

Using this feature you can allow email recipients (Leads) to selectively subscribe/unsubscribe from specific types of emails rather than completely Unsubscribing from all emails.

Note: If you already have the mailing preferences/Email Subscription choices of your Leads and are looking for updating the same in LeadSquared, please see : Import Mailing Preferences

Email Category Setup

To start using it, Navigate to  My Account -> Settings -> Email Settings -> Email Categories and select yes on “Mandate Category on Emails”.

Note that mandating use of email categories will force user to specify a category while creating email campaigns, Autoresponders, one to one emails or sending emails to list.

Click Add Email Category Button:

Specify the Name, Description and activity score for subscription and un-subscription to the category. Save when you are done.

Add Email Category

You may add upto 10 email categories.

Click on “Preview Mailing Preference Form” to see how the form will render:

Subscription preferences

This is all you need to do in Settings section.

Using Email Categories

After the settings are done, for all new Emails you will see a drop-down to select Email category:

Email Category in Email Campaign: 

EC Category

Email Category in one-to-one Emails:

One-to-one Email

Once the Emails are sent and recipients wish to manage their Email Preferences, they can do so by options the Email Footer:

Email Footer

Clicking Unsubscribe will remove the recipient from the Email Category. For example if the Email was sent under “Product Update” category, clicking unsubscribe will mean that recipient will not receive future emails of this category:

Unsubscribe from Category

Mailing Preferences link in footer will give recipient option to subscribe/unsubscribe to other categories or full unsubscribe from all emails.

Subscription preferences of recipient

The recipient activity will shows us in activity history similar to example shown below:

Activty History

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