LeadSquared Security Settings – Audit Logs

1. Feature Overview

View the audit history of all changes/modifications made to different feature sets in your account. The audit trail displays information related to the date/time, author/user, and modification activity.

You can view any of the following audit types –

  • App and Connectors Audit Report – Displays the audit report of all the actions made on the apps and connectors in your account (e.g., enabling/disabling a connector).
  • Lead Field Changes Audit Log – Displays all the modifications made on lead fields (e.g., modifying the schema name of lead fields).
  • Permission Template Assignment Audit Log – Displays the assignment or removal of permission templates on users.
  • Product Audit Report – Displays the modifications made to the products in your account (e.g., adding a new product).
  • Deleted Automations Audit Report – Displays information on all deleted automations.
  • Sales Group Audit Report – Displays the modifications made to sales groups in your account.
  • User Deactivation History – Displays the audit trail of deactivated users.


2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator of your LeadSquared account.


3. Audit logs

Navigate to Settings>Security>Audit Logs.

  • Under Audit Type, click the dropdown and select the audit type you wish to view.
  • Under Audit Logged In, select the time period during which the reports you’re searching for were created.
  • Under Start Date and End Date, select the dates of your search.
  • Under Products, select the products to search for the modifications made on that product.
  • To clear all the filters you’ve applied, on the top right corner of the screen, click Clear Filters.
  • To export all the reports you’ve filtered out, click Export.
Note: Under Product Audit Report, once the reports are displayed, click on one to view the modifications made in code.

LeadSquared - Audit Logs


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