LeadSquared Getting Started Guide for Sales Users

Welcome to LeadSquared. The purpose of this document is to provide you step by step guidance on the setting up and using of LeadSquared as a Sales User.


1. Log in to LeadSquared

Log on to LeadSquared using your username and password at login.leadsquared.com. If you do not have your login credentials, please check with your LeadSquared Administrator.


2. Manage Essential Settings

Update your ProfileManage your personal detailsHelp
Update your PasswordUpdate your LeadSquared passwordHelp
Update Email SignatureThis Email signature is used in all Email communications from the LeadSquared application.Help


3. Manage Leads

Manage LeadsAllows you to create and manage your leads in a single place.Help
Quick Add Lead FormAllows you to create leads with basic details.Help
Add New Lead FormAllows you to create leads with the all the details.Help
Import LeadsAllows the bulk import of leads into LeadSquaredHelp
Quick SearchAllows you to quickly search for leads from any page using the Global/Simple/Quick search available on the Main Menu.Help
Advanced SearchAllows you to  search leads, that satisfy one or more conditions.Help
ActionsAllows you to perform various grid and row actions from the Manage Leads windowHelp
Quick FiltersAllows you to find leads based on specific criteria quickly and easily.Help
Manage Lead DetailsAllows you to view and manage all lead details and activitiesHelp


4. Manage Tasks

Create and Manage tasksAllows you to create and schedule tasks and reminders for leads.Help


5. Manage Lists

ListsAllows you to create and manage lists for leadsHelp
Static ListsAllows you to create lists with fixed number of LeadsHelp
Dynamic ListsAllows you to create lists with specific criteria.Help
Send SMSAllows you to SMS to leads in the list.Help
Send EmailAllows you to send Email to leads in the list.Help
Bulk UpdateAllows to perform bulk update on a desired field within the list.Help


6. Dashboards and Reports

DashboardsAllows you to capture the important marketing and sales indicators in a chosen time-frame.Help
ReportsProvides analytics around marketing and sales to help you fine tune your business processes using various reports.Help


7. Other Features & Settings

Manage Report SubscriptionsAllows you to manage which reports you want to subscribeHelp
View Request HistoryAllows you to view history of all lead import, export, and delete request made by you.Help
Manage UsersAllows you to create and update other sales users.Help
View Blocked Email AddressesView the Email Addresses which are blocked from Emails being sentHelp
Block Email DomainsAllows you to block Email domains from Emails being sent.Help
Manage API KeysAllows you to manage your API keysHelp
AppsView the add-on features, plugins and integrations available in LeadSquared.Help
Connect My InboxAllows you to capture leads and track email activities in LeadSquared. If you do not see this feature under Apps, please check with your LeadSquared Administrator.Help


8. Attend Training and Start Using

Our customer success team will organize a usage training for you. Attend and get started.


Any Questions?

Check help.leadsquared.com or write to support@leadsquared.com

You can also download this document in PDF format from below:



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