LeadSquared Getting Started Guide for Administrators

Welcome to LeadSquared. The purpose of this document is to provide you step by step guidance on the setting up and using of LeadSquared.


1. Order Form and your subscription plan

Check if your LeadSquared Order Form is in place and the scope of your subscription has been captured adequately. Understand which plan (Lite, Basic, Standard or Enterprise) of LeadSquared you have subscribed to.  Email to success@leadsquared.com, if you have not received the order form from us.


2. Establish your LeadSquared account and role

If you do not have a LeadSquared account, you can create one by booking a demo.

Once your sign-up is complete, you can log in to LeadSquared.

Find your account number and keep it for reference. Quote this number in all communication with us.


3. Setup your Company Profile

Update Org DetailsUpdate the basic details about your organization Help
Upload LogoPut your organization logo to personalize your LeadSquared instance. Help


4. Customize Lead Fields, Stages and Sources

Update Custom FieldsCustomize the lead fields. You can create new fields or edit existing ones.Help
Update Lead StagesCapture the stage that define your sales –  from new lead to closure.Help
Update Lead SourcesPopulate the sources from which you get or expect to get the leads.Help


5. Customize Lead Add and Edit forms

Create Lead FormUse this to customize the fields of Add Lead Form and Lead Details pages.Help
Create Lead form on MobileChoose the fields and the order you want to have on LeadSquared Mobile AppHelp
Create Quick Add FormChoose the fields and the order you want to have on Quick Add Lead formHelp
Agent pop-up form *Customize the display of the form that pop-ups for inbound/bound phone calls.Help

Agent pop-up is applicable only if you have opted for cloud telephony integration with LeadSquared.


6. Customize Lead Activities and Scores

Update Score of Core ActivitiesCustomize lead score of core activities like Email open/click, website visit and so on to know how active is the lead with your business.Help
Create Custom ActivitiesUse this to create your own Lead Activities that sales or inside sales employees can associate with the leads.Help


7. Update Sales Activity Settings

Manage productsCreate the list of products/services that you sell.Help
Sales Activity SettingsConfigure basic details about your sales activitiesHelp
Sales Activity FieldsCustomize the fields you want to see on sales activityHelp


8. Customize Task Settings

Task TypesCreate task types which can be used in your business as tasks and reminders.Help


9. Install Website Tracking Script

This setting will help you to track website visits of your leads.

Website Tracking ScriptClick the help link alongside to learn how to install the LeadSquared tracking script for both wordpress and non-wordpress websites. Help


10. Manage Website and Landing page domains

You need to add website domains that can be tracked.  For each website domain you add multiple landing page sub-domains.

Website DomainsAllows to connect websites to LeadSquared for tracking.Help
Landing Page DomainsAllows to connect landing pages to LeadSquared for tracking.Help
Multi-domain setup*Allows to track website visits on multiple domains.Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans.


11. Manage Email Link tracking domain

Email Link Tracking domainAllows tracking of website visits after leads open email through LeadSquaredHelp


12. Setup Lead Quality Criteria

Lead Quality CriteriaAllows to measure lead quality using custom quality rules. It helps to identify the leads that are close to your ‘Ideal customer profile‘.Help


13. Setup Lead Engagement Scoring

Engagement Score *Allows to capture the engagement level of leads with your business. You can create your own custom rules of engagement scoring.Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans


14. Email Settings

Email CategoriesAllows leads to selectively subscribe/unsubscribe from specific types of emails rather than completely Unsubscribing from all emails.Help
Landing Page Auto responseYou can create a custom email template for automated email that can be sent when landing page submission happens.Help


15. Users and Permissions

UsersAllows to add, update, or delete users and assign roles and permissions to themHelp
Groups *You can use this feature to model groups/teams of users with one or more managers.Help
PermissionsAssign delete/export/import lead permissions to the different user types of LeadSquaredHelp
Support AccessThis feature allows the LeadSquared support team to access your LeadSquared account, if you need any assistance.Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans


16. Apps

A number of add-on features, plugins and integrations are available in LeadSquared. You may configure them depending upon your need and subscription plan.

Note Some Add-ons may cost you extra money.

SMS Marketing App $Allows you to send SMSs to leads from LeadSquared. SMS sending charge is applicable.Help
Email Sync AppYou can connect your email inbox with LeadSquared and capture leads and email activities.Help
Facebooks Lead Ads connector $Capture Leads from Facebook lead ads.Help
Telephony Connectors $ LeadSquared Supports native integration with major cloud telephony vendors and also offers a generic telephony connector for others.
Chat Connectors $Allows you to capture leads and chat transcripts from web chat applications Olark, Zopim and LiveChat.
Mobile App NotificationsConfigure nudges that you want to see on LeadSquared mobile appHelp
Custom Dashlet Builder *Allows you to build/create custom Dashlets for your account that can be used to monitor lead details from their respective custom Dashboards.Help

*Available in Standard and higher plans.

$ Additional fee applicable

Note: There are many other APPs & Connectors. You can check this in our Apps Marketplace.


17. API and Webhooks

This section is relevant for developers. If you not a developer, you can skip this.

Generate API keysThe API keys are used by applications which are built on top of LeadSquared or for third party integration. When such applications need to call an API that is communicating with LeadSquared, the API keys are used to authenticate.  Note:  Do not share API keys with unauthorized users. API keys are equivalent to password. Help
WebhooksLeadSquared can send data related to Leads on events like Lead creation/update, activity, tasks etc. Webhook is a web application that can be configured in LeadSquared to receive this data.Help
Telephony Logs *Allows you to view the logs of inbound/outbound calls with the lead details. This feature is only available, if you have a cloud telephony system integrated with LeadSquared.

*Applicable only if you have opted for cloud telephony integration.


18. Connect your web forms with LeadSquared

You can connect your website forms with LeadSquared to capture leads. Here are the ways you can do it:

Use APIsUse LeadSquared HTTP REST APIs to push leads and activities to LeadSquaredHelp
Use Landing Page formsCreate forms in LeadSquared and embed them in your website as html or iFrameHelp

If you have website is built on WordPress, then following additional options are available:

Use LeadSquared Plugin for Contact Form 7Help
Use LeadSquared Plugin for Gravity FormsHelp
Use LeadSquared Landing Page Form PluginHelp


19. Import Data

You can import Lead Data into LeadSquared through csv (comma separated values) file. A CSV file can be generated from Excel spreadsheets.

Import Lead data into LeadSquaredHelp


Any Questions?

Check https://help.leadsquared.com or write to support@leadsquared.com.

You can also download this document in PDF format from below:

LSQ Implementation Plan

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