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LeadSquared Product Update # 16

We finished the 16th production update of LeadSquared on Sunday, June 22nd 2014. Please clear your browser cache (usually you can do it by pressing Control + F5 keys on most windows computers) to access the latest copy of the LeadSquared App.  Here are the release notes capturing significant changes:

Lead Engagement Score

We have introduced a new concept of “Lead Engagement Score” to measure the engagement level of Leads based of measurement criteria you specify.  Lead Engagement Score is calculated based on the recent activities of leads. You can choose the activities, lead stages and time period to customize the engagement score . It is different form “Lead Score” which is sum of ALL activity scores of Leads from the time Lead is created.

Please check “Setup Criteria of Lead Engagement Scoring” to set it up.

You will find the Engagement Score of Lead in Lead Details (when you click on the lead):

Engagement Score

 Note:The color of Engagement Score indicator will change from Grey to Red  as the score increases.  


Engagement Indicator of Leads

You will find Engagement Indicator of leads in “Manage Leads” page:

Manage Leads - Engaged Leads

Engagement Indicator of Lists

You can find the engagement levels of your Lists under “Manage List”:

List Engagement


Group Lead fields together using Sections

You can now group leads fields in Sections and completely control labels, section placement and field placement of “Add New Lead” form.

Navigate to May Account -> Settings ->  Manage Custom Fields -> Manage Forms.

You can create new sections, move field from one section to other (even move fields to a hidden section so that they don’t get displayed) , change section label. 

Create Section


Hidden Section

 Note: Changes to grouping of Lead fields in sections will reflect on your Lead Edit form and Lead Details page. 

New Widgets in Dashboard

We have updated Dashboard to capture the Engagement score on Leads, Lists and based on Stages.

You can see a quick slideshow of Dashboard elements at “LeadSquared Dashboard”.

Add attachments to Lead records

You can now attach files to lead records. To do so, click on lead to go to Lead Details and use “Add Note”:

lead attachment


New Email Templates

You will find completely new Email Templates while creating your Email Campaigns. These are for most common purpose of Emailing – like Newsletter, Event Invitation, Point Message etc. The templates are responsive which means the emails will render well on mobile devices.

Export Email Campaign & Landing Page Performance Data

You can now export Email Campaign performance data as spreadsheet for analysis:

Export EC


LP Export

Updated Analytics section

The Analytics Menu has been moved as in icon next to the Search and Task icons. We plan to add more reports under Analytics and a ‘Menu’ style list would not be appropriate to display them. That’s the reason for this change:

There have been several other minor improvements and changes. Contact us if you have any questions.