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Product Update – 19th April 2014

The April 2014 update of LeadSquared is focused on using collective power of small changes to make significant impact on user experience and application performance. The visible changes are documented below:

Note: If you find any inconsistency in the User Interface of LeadSquared when you access the application after the product update, please clear your browser cache. On most computers it can be done by pressing “Control + F5” keys. 


1. Global Lead Search Widget

You can search for a lead from any page in LeadSquared. You will notice a new search (lens) icon next to task icon. Click it to type in your search query and find matching leads.

Global Lead Search


2. Lead Field Customization: Group Related Lead Fields Together

You will be able to organize and manage you Leads Fields in a more meaningful way.  You can create “Section” or group of Lead Fields and drag & drop fields from any section to another. This will help you in creating logical Section of fields and group them together. For example and Education business may have Sections for “Student Contact Data”, “Education Qualifications”, “Social Profile” & “Lead Qualification”.

Navigate to My Account -> Settings -> Manage Custom Fields -> Manage Forms  to discover this new concept:

Lead Sections

Here is a KB article for more information:  Grouping Lead Fields using Sections


3. Task Management: More Filters & Personalization

There is a new Date Filter called “Due” on Tasks page. You can combine  this with status and owner filter to narrow down the tasks you want to view.  The filter data selected on Tasks page will be remembered for future visits of the user.

Tasks Page


4. Mutiple JavaScript Blocks in Landing Pages

In the Actions Step ( Step 03) of Landing Page Creation, you can now add JavaScript blocks in different parts of Landing Page: a) Inside Head Tag  b) Just After Start of Body Tag c) Just Before End of Body tag.

LP JavaScripts



5. Other Minor Changes

a) Change Lead Stage using lead row actions:

You can change the stage of the lead without opening it for edit.  “Change Stage” action has been added to row actions for Leads.

Change Lead Stage

b) Delete All leads in a List

All leads of static list can be deleted together by using the “Delete All Leads” action in List Action menu. This option is available only for static lists (and not for dynamic lists).

Delete all Leads in List

c) Map Lead Owner while importing

If you are importing leads and want to assign them to different lead owners, you can put lead owner email id in the source csv and map that column to LeadSquared “Lead Owner” field.


d) Lead Export request log

The lead export requests of all users will be available under a new setting called “Request History”. This will help you track all your export requests. You can also find the exported file here if you do not receive the email notification after export.

Admin users will be able to see export history of all users and can additionally subscribe to email notification on all export requests.

Request History

e) Type dates in Date Controls

You can type in date in all date types fields instead of selecting from calendars.

f) Search Dropdown values

You can now type in to search in drop down type data fields.