Setup Criteria of Lead Engagement Scoring

As the name suggests, “Lead Engagement Score” captures the engagement level of Leads. It is a quantifiable number that helps in finding engaged vs dis-engaged leads and also comparing leads based on their relative scores. The definition of what constitutes Engagement is customizable in LeadSquared.

A lead is said to be engaged if it reacts positively to your marketing campaigns. This reaction can be in form of visits to your website or Landing Pages, reading and clicking link in your Email Campaigns or Autoresponders, picking up a call made your etc. Each of these activities can be assigned a score in LeadSquared and as the activities happen, the engagement score grows up.

To define the criteria for engagement scoring in LeadSquared, you choose relevant activities, lead stages and time period – the three things based in which engagement score is computed.

  1. Activity Period (in days): Here you define the number of past days for which lead activities are to be included in calculation of engagement score. Default value is 30 days.
  2. Lead Stage to include: It defines the stages of leads for which you want to calculate the engagement score. The default value is set as all the active lead stages in your account except the last stage (since last active stage is usually a Customer/Client/Sign-up etc).
  3. Lead Activities to include: Here you define the activities that should be included in computation of engagement score.  By default, all the inbound activities for which score is greater than equal to 1 is selected

To set Engagement score follow these steps,

1. Hover the mouse over My Accounts > Settings.

LeadSquared Lead Engagement

2. Click on Lead Prioritization > Engagement Scoring

LeadSquared Lead Engagement

3. Enter the no. of days you want to calculate the engagement score. The maximum limit is 366 days

LeadSquared Lead Engagement

4. Select the check box for Lead stages which you want to include in calculation for engagement score.

LeadSquared Lead Engagement

5. Now select the activities for which you want to calculate the engagement score

LeadSquared Lead Engagement

6.  Click on Save button to save changes.

LeadSquared Lead Engagement

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