LeadSquared Product Update # 17

We finished the 17th production update of LeadSquared on Sunday, Aug 3rd 2014. Please clear your browser cache (usually you can do it by pressing Control + F5 keys on most windows computers) to access the latest copy of the LeadSquared App.  Here are the release notes capturing significant changes:

Activity Based Autoresponders

You can now trigger autoresponder emails based on Lead Activities. For example, after a lead visits a specific page on your page on your website and email or a series of scheduled emails can be sent to the lead. Similarly, autoresponder emails can be triggered after a custom activity is added to a lead.  To know more, refer to: Autoresponders in LeadSquared.

Control weekday and time of autoresponder email delivery

You can now control the day and time preference for the autoresponder emails. It can be done while adding steps to autoresponder email sequence:

AR day time

To know more, refer to:  Autoresponders in LeadSquared.

Group / team level access control

We have upgraded our User Roles and Access Control framework with introduction of “User Groups”. Now, you can create groups and associate “sales users” with them and assign group level lead view/update permissions for selected users in a group. Some examples of where groups can be used:

1) Multi-location / multi-center companies where sales and/or marketing happens both at location and corporate level. Such companies can create Centers as groups and assign center users to them. The Admin user can control if one or more center users need permission to view/update all leads of the center. Thus, the concept of Center Manager can be implemented.

2) Some companies may have multiple sales teams organized based on product focus, service, and territory focus. Such companies can group sales users of each focus area into a group and assign group level access right to them.

Refer to this KB article Managing Lead Access for Sales Users to know more about implementing group level access. 


1) Group Level access is not available by default. Please contact support@leadsquared.com if you would like to avail this feature. 

2) Group Level access is only applicable to the role of “Sales User”. The access rights of Sales Manager, Marketing User and Administrator remain unchanged. 


Get more space for Lead Grid

The grid/table capturing the lead data on Manage Leads page can get larger horizontal space by collapsing the action buttons on right.

Collapse Grid

View after collapsing


Save Search Filters

You can now save search criteria and use it as quick filter to find matching Leads. You will notice some filters already created on Manage Leads page:

Quick Filters

You can create new filters using Advanced Search option on Managed Leads.

Create Filter

There have been several other minor improvements and changes. Contact us if you have any questions.