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Managing Lead and Account Access for Sales Users – Sales Groups

You can organize your sales users into different groups based on location, business unit or any other categorization of your choice. This makes it easier for you to manage your users and leads in keeping with your business use case.

Let’s say you have a business that operates in two regions – north and south. The ‘Group’ feature will help you –

  • Segregate your sales team into region-specific groups.
  • Configure lead view and modify permissions within the groups.



  • This feature can be configured by Administrator users only.
  • It is available only on certain plans. Please contact support@leadsquared.com for more information.


How It Works


Group Manager Permissions

You can set permissions for group managers to –

  • View all leads in the group
  • Modify all leads in the group
  • Add users to the group
  • Create Automations for users in the group (View and Modify permissions must be set as prerequisites). For more information, see Group Level Automation.

In addition, group managers can also –


Creating Hierarchies between Groups

If you want to control lead access rights for users across groups, see Managing Lead Access Across Groups – Group Hierarchies. 


Access to Accounts

If you’ve enabled the accounts feature (see Account Settings), you can set permissions for sales groups at the account level.

With account level permissions you can give your group managers the ability to

  • View all accounts owned by their group members.
  • Modify all accounts
  • View all leads in the accounts.
  • Modify all leads in the accounts.


  • Group managers can view/modify all accounts and leads owned by the users in their sales groups.
  • Users that own leads in an account automatically get access to the account details page and can also post activities on the account.

If you want to set permissions at the account level, you’ll be able to control which accounts are accessible to a sales group. To do so –

  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Users and Permissions>Sales Groups.
  2. Alongside Group Settings, click Account Based Access.
  3. On the confirmation pop-up, click Yes.

account based settings

When you create or edit a sales group, while setting permissions for the group manager you’ll now see account level permissions. Select the appropriate permissions, then click Save.

group manager permissions

Note: Sales users in the group will have access (to view and modify leads) in only to the accounts they own. However, you can give the group manager permission to view and modify leads in all accounts owned by all the sales users in the group.


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