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Managing Lead Access for Sales Users – Groups

Groups feature in LeadSquared allows you to group Sales Users selectively in to different groups based on their location or business units as required.

You can also provide additional permissions to a Sales User/Users to :

1. View Leads owned by other Users within the Group.

2. Modify Leads owned by other Users within the Group.

3. Create/Add new Sales Users to the Group & manage all Users in the Group.

Note:  This feature is available only on selected plans. Please contact LeadSquared sales or support for more details.


Manage Groups option in Settings can be accessed only by users having Administrator role.


This functionality allows you to create, update, delete and manage different Sales Groups in your account.

It also helps you to manage access to leads in different sales groups.

Note: Only Sales Users can be associated in a group all other user roles are independent from manage group feature.

You can restrict a sales user in four different ways as explained below:

a)      View only own leads for the user.

b)      View all leads of a group but can only modify leads the user owns.

c)      View all leads of a group and can modify any lead in group.

d)    Allow the user to create/add new sales users to the group & manage all users in the group.


Group Manager:

Within a group, sales users with permissions to view/modify/create sales user will be termed as Group Managers.

1. A sales user can be added to multiple groups.

2. Permissions can be specified differently for each Group i.e., sales user can be a manager of some group and can be just a Sales User of other.


To create and manage different groups, navigate to My Account > Settings > Users and Permissions> Group.


Create Group

1. To create a new group click on Create button on Groups page.

Create G 1

2. You will see Create Group Popup. On it ;

A. Group Details : Enter the Group Name and its Description for your reference in respective fields.

Group Details

B. Managers:

Select Managers tab > Click Add Manager button to see a sub popup where you can select a Sales User from the drop-down.

Specify the permissions for the group manager as required and Save.

Add Manager

C. Sales Users tab:

Here under Available Users you will have all the Sales Users available in the Account.

Select a User and add the User to the group using the right arrow button.

You may also remove or un-assign the Users from Group by clicking the left arrow button.

Add Sales User to group

Once the Users and Managers are specified for the Group, click Save and Close.

Or click Save and Add New to add more groups.

Add or Remove Users in group

To add/remove/manage the users in a group you may edit the required group.

Edit Groups:

You can edit the Groups when required and manage the users in the group.

Under Actions column, hover the cursor over the gear icon to see Edit option.

Edit Group

On clicking edit, you will see Edit Group Popup (similar to the Add Group popup) where you can make modifications and manage Users and Managers in the group.

Edit gr popup

Delete Group:

Under Actions column, hover the cursor over the gear icon to see Delete option.

Delete Group

Note: A Group can not be deleted if Users are assigned to the Group.

A pop-up box appears stating the Users have to be unassigned before deleting the group.

Delete Gr popup

You need to unassign the users and then perform the Delete group operation.

If there are no Users assigned to the group a popup appears for you to confirm delete group operation.

Delete Gr confirm


Assign Permissions to Sales User across Groups. (From Manage Users page)

You can Assign the Sales User to a Group or few groups & can selectively provide Access permissions (to the User) for each Group differently as required.

Example: You may make a user the manager of a group or just a sales user of another group with no access to other user’s leads.

Procedure: To assign the permissions to access leads owned by other users in a group,

1. Go to My Account> Settings > Manage Users and follow the steps below:

2. Click Actions and then click Edit.

Edit User gr

The Edit User pop-up box appears. Complete the following:

1. Select Permissions tab.

2. Click Assign to Group. The Assign Group to User  pop-up box appears where you can select the group required from drop-down list.

3. Select Group and specify the permissions as required and click Save.

Add Gr to Users

Permission to Access Leads owned by other Users within groups makes the User a Group Manager.

(see Access Type in the Image below)

Finally click Save for the changes to be effective.

Save Sales Usr in Gr

You may edit the Access Permissions for a group by clicking the Edit icon seen next to group in the grid.

Save Sales Usr in Gr

Note: You may Assign a Group to the User with no permission to access leads owned by others, in such case the Access Type would be Sales User (in the group).

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