Platform Updates – Hafnium 3

Integer Datatype for Opportunities, Activities, and CFS

Previously, only decimal numbers were supported in the Opportunity, Activity & CFS modules. Now, integer numbers are also supported in these modules. This update offers users greater flexibility, enabling them to work with whole numbers for more precise data entry and management. 

To enable this feature, please reach out to

LeadSquared - Integer type field


Support for Currency Format for Number Data Types

Previously, all monetary values were displayed as numbers in the application. This created confusion as there was no differentiation between monetary value and plain numbers. Now, users can configure lead, opportunity, activity, and CFS number fields with the currency data type to display monetary value separated by commas along with the relevant currency symbol. You can select the currency and comma format on the Company Profile Settings.

To add a lead, opportunity, activity, or CFS number field with the currency data type, add the field as a Number – Integer datatype and set the Field Configuration as Currency.

Once the field is saved, the value of this field will be displayed in currency format on the Lead Details page, Lead Grid & Lead V-Card. 

LeadSquared - Currency field configuration


Enhancement –  Telephony Settings

The following Telephony settings are now configurable through the LeadSquared Dashboard. You can find these settings by navigating to Settings>Telephony>General Settings

  • Disable Opening of Entity Details in Marvin –   Lead or opportunity details will not open automatically when receiving an incoming call on Marvin.
  • Enable Default Opening of Disposition Form in Marvin – While on call, the first dynamic form will automatically open without needing to click the Disposition button.
  • Enable Showing Telephony Provider Errors Instead of Default LSQ Error – In the case of Click2Call, LeadSquared Telephony errors will be replaced with your telephony provider-specific errors in the Telephony logs.

New telephony settings


Enhancement – Agent Panel Mail Merge Support

Agent panel mail merge will now be supported for non-UTC connectors.

Note: You will need to enable the softphone option on the Agent Panel settings.

telephony non-utc softphone


Automation Support for ‘Number-Integer’ Data Type

The Number-Integer Data type for Activity, Opportunity, and CFS is now supported in Automation.

The following action cards will support the data type  –

  • Add Activity
  • Update Activity
  • Add Activity on Opportunity
  • Update Activity on Opportunity
  • Add Activity on Activity
  • Update Activity on Activity
  • Add Opportunity
  • Update Opportunity
  • Update Lead (including CFS fields)

The following action cards will support mail merge for the new datatype – 

  • Add Activity
  • Update Activity
  • Add Activity on Opportunity
  • Update Activity on Opportunity
  • Add Activity on Activity
  • Update Activity on Activity
  • Add Opportunity
  • Update Opportunity
  • Update Lead
  • Create Task
  • Update Task
  • Update Account


Automation Support for Currency Format

The Currency format for Lead fields of number datatype will now be supported in Automation in the following places –

  • Actions Cards – Lead Update
  • Triggers – Update Lead

currency automation datat type


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with bulk add opportunity API that was failing when ‘OverwriteFields’ or ‘UpdateEmptyFields’ parameter is passed along with duplicates in the payload.
  • Fixed a bug in displaying Opportunity Name in error message when deleting an opportunity related to service ticket.
  • Fixed an issue with the Leads Near Me API which was failing for group user auth token when account-based access is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug in displaying “&“ in the Lead Grid whenever it was used in Lead Name field.
  • Fixed an issue where the User Checkin logs were not getting updated in the database.
  • Fixed an issue where lead capture activity is not getting posted in the lead in case of duplicate lead capture.
  • Fixed an issue with opportunity creation during lead merge operations, where opportunities were being created on child leads.
  • Fixed an issue in the new lead capture flow that prevented the traffic source from being captured in the Lead Capture Activity.
  • Fixed an issue with the Delete an Account API, which was returning a lead association error even when the ‘withleadDelete’ parameter was set to ‘True’.
  • Fixed a bug with account fields that prevented certain fields from being marked as unique.
  • Implemented a cache fix to resolve the client-side calling cache issue, ensuring that client-side calling functions correctly for Five9 users.
  • Phone numbers with 10 digits (including country code) in the call log request were causing duplicate leads to be created in case of international calling. Updated settings to skip these numbers and prevent duplicates.
  • Fixed the issue of opportunity mail merge tags not showing up in the To, CC, and BCC of the notify card when multiple activities are added to the trigger card.
  • Fixed the issue of the task reminder email content always showing ‘0 Minutes Remaining’ whenever the task is created from Automation.
  • Fixed the issue of Custom headers not getting deleted in the ‘Webhook’ card.
  • Fixed the issue of round-robin functionality not working as desired in the ‘Distribute Lead’ card when mail merge is used in the User Properties assignment.
  • Fixed the issue of the ‘Wait advanced’ card throwing an error when appended +24 hours with the mail merge field.