Settings: Manage Company Profile

Manage Company Profile is a very simple settings page that allows you to update basic company data. You must provide Company Name and address data before you can use Email Campaign feature. The Company Name and Address is used in the footer of Emails to meet Can-Spam guidelines.

To setup your Company details please follow the following steps:

1. Go to Settings -> Manage Company Profile and press the Edit button

2. Select the phone no. format and default country code. All the phone numbers of leads in leadsquared will be displayed in form of selected phone no. format and the default country code will remain selected in add new lead forms when phone controller is used in phone no. fields.


3.  Specify your default currency which will be used while adding a sales activity for a lead. By default its value is US Dollar ‘$’.


4.  Specify the date format and the timezone for the Company. The selected date will be default format for all users. The selected timezone will be used in your Company level reports that may go to one or more users of LeadSquared. Note that the timezone for a user may be different from Company.  The user will see date & time as per his timezone. Only the reports (available at Settings->My Profile->Report Subscriptions) that capture company level data will use the Company timezone.


5. Click on Save button to save the changes.

Note: You cannot edit the website URL of the company. This is provided at the time of your account creation and cannot be changed. If you are in need of changing the same then contact .

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