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Product Update – 15 Feb, 2014

We have finished 12th update of LeadSquared on 15th Feb, 2014. The prominent feature of this update is introduction of User Roles.  More about it and other changes is documented below.

Note: If you find any inconsistency in the User Interface of LeadSquared when you access the application after the product update, please clear your browser cache. On most computers it can be done by pressing “Control + F5” keys. 

1. User Roles

LeadSquared now supports concept of User Roles and corresponding access rights. Before this release only 2 roles were supported, Admin and non-Admin with only few distinctions between the two.  Now, LeadSquared has 4 clearly defined User Roles:

User RoleAccess Rights
Sales User
  • Can access only the Leads assigned (where the user is the Lead Owner)
  • Cannot access Marketing Functions like Email Campaigns, Landing Pages, Autoresponders
Sales Manager
  • Can access ALL leads (leads assigned to any user)
  • Cannot access Marketing Functions like Email Campaigns, Landing Pages, Autoresponders
  • Limited access to Settings
Marketing User
  • Can access ALL leads (leads assigned to any user)
  • Can access all Marketing Functions
  • Limited access to Settings (more than Sales Manager but less than Administrator).
  • Full access to everything

You can find detailed access rights of each role at: User Roles and Access Rights

Note: All existing users of LeadSquared with Admin role have been assigned “Administrator” role in the new scheme of User roles. The non-Admin users have been assigned “Marketing User” role. 

2. Changes in Landing Pages Designer

We have added/improved following to further enhance the quality of Landing Pages you design using LeadSquared:

New Image Block to insert and resize Images

We have added a new block on Landing Page Designer to insert, resize and positions images easily:

Add Image Block
Add Image Block









You can find more details on using it How to Embed Image in Landing Pages.

Have a better Control on look & feel of Form Fields

You can do a number of things to get the right look & fell of for fields using Field Properties of form fields.

Field Properties













Details of each property is documented at: How to customize look & feel of Landing Page Form Fields?

Do try “Background Color” and unchecked “shadow” properties  . You will be delighted with the look of the form.

 New Landing Page Templates

We have added 11 new conversion optimized Landing Page templates. Check them out at http://www.landingpages.io/ . These new Landing Pages are classified under “Generic” category  in Industry filter. These new template can be access inside LeadSquared when you press the “Browse More Templates” button inside while creating Landing Page.

LP Templates


3. Changes in Manage Leads

Following changes have been done in Manage Leads page to improve productivity of sales users:

Add Notable Activity for Leads from Manage Leads grid

You don’t need to click a lead and go to lead details to Add an activity to the lead. You can directly do it from Manage Leads page now:

Add Activity











Bulk Update of Lead Fields

You can now update any Lead field of selected leads with a new value.  To do bulk update select leads in Manage leads grid and click “Actions” menu on top of the grid:

Bulk Update Menu








When you select Bulk Update, you will see following dialog where you can the Lead field that you want to update and provide a value:

Bulk Update Dialog










4. New Upload Image Dialog

We have replaced the existing Upload Image Dialog with a new improved one. You will find this when you insert image in Email Campaigns or Landing Pages.

Image Bwoser
Image Bwoser













You will also be able to select more than one file if you are uploading files form your local computer.

5. Improved Footer Message in Email Campaigns

We have improved format and placement of the footer message in Email Campaigns:

Email Footer





You will also notice that “View in Browser” link has moved to footer instead of coming on top of Email.