Clone a Lead

You can clone a lead in your LeadSquared account and create a quick lead that has common data (in several fields)  with the lead that is being cloned.

For e.g., if you are have multiple leads from same organization, the leads are likely to have similar data in several fields. This option helps in creating new leads that have common data fields.

You may simply add a few distinct field values like Name, Email id etc., and save the Clone as a New Lead.


While cloning a lead, you might wish/need to have only some specific lead fields associated with the newly formed Lead (and not all fields).

You can select the Custom Lead fields to be included for ‘Clone’ Leads and update ‘Lead Field Properties’ by ticking the ‘Use in Lead Clone’ property.

Refer to the image and procedure below:

To enable the clone option for a field navigate to Settings > Customization> Lead Fields > Search for the required field and click Edit.

lead clone 2

Select  ‘Use in Lead Clone’ under Lead Field Properties and Save the Field.

Lead Clone 1

Now when you clone a lead the value in the above field will be shown/associated for the newly created Lead.

Similarly you may edit all required fields and specify if the fields can be used in lead clone.


You can clone a lead from lead grid of Manage leads or List Details pages. (Images shown below)

clone manageleads list clone option

Once Clone option is clicked Clone Lead page opens up. Fields that were marked ‘Use in Lead Clone’ will have the lead data pre-filled and the other fields like First Name, Email etc., remain blank.

Clone Lead Page

You can add specific lead details like First Name, Last Name, Email etc., and Save the Lead Record.

This way you can use Lead Clone option in LeadSquared to create Leads easily and quickly.



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