FloStack – Scheduling & Lead Engagement

Feature Overview

FloStack is LeadSquared’s native Scheduling & Lead Engagement Platform. FloStack (www.flostack.io) simplifies engaging your website leads with its interactive microsite and instant scheduling capabilities. This ensures you never lose a high-priority lead from your website again.

FloStack can instantly auto-qualify leads, intelligently assign an advisor or sales rep, schedule a meeting, and enhance lead engagement on enquiry submission. This helps you keep your inbound leads engaged, even before the first call or meeting.

LeadSquared FLoStack Integration

What’s more, the lead gains instant access to a personalized and interactive microsite, with content curated based on their persona, along with real-time access to the sales rep through appointment scheduling and chat.┬áThis results in –

  • Increased conversions from enquiry to closure, translating into higher revenue.
  • Lead response time in seconds.
  • More qualified meetings for your sales reps.
Note: To know more about FloStack (www.flostack.io), and to enable it on your account, reach out to flostack@leadsquared.com.

LeadSquared FLoStack Integration

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