Large Exportable Reports

1. Feature Overview

The Large Exportable Reports (LER) feature can be used to export large data sets from LeadSquared, for example, large volumes of lead, activity, and opportunity data.

LER overview


2. Prerequisites

  • To enable Large Exportable Reports, reach out to your account manager, or contact
  • You must have access to the reports you’re exporting.
  • By default, each account can export 5 reports a day. To increase the default limit, get in touch with your account manager, or contact


3. Large Exportable Reports

Navigate to Reports>Reports Home, and under Tags, select Large Exportable Reports.

LER nav

At present, only the following Large Exportable Reports are available –

Activity Count by LeadsTo get the activity distribution of leads across the selected activities for the selected time range.
Activity list by LeadsDownload a list of activities by leads
Activity list by Leads (All Fields)An exportable, downloadable version of the activity list by leads, including all custom fields.
Activity List by Opportunity
Report to download activity details on opportunities along with lead and opportunity fields
All Activities by Opportunity
Report to download activity details of multiple activity types on opportunities, including lead and opportunity fields.
All Leads
Download a large number of leads with specific fields in a given date range.
All leads with filters
An exportable version of all leads reports with the source filter.
Check-in and Check-out History
Download all user check-in and check-outs.
Day Attendance ReportThis report allows administrators and managers to download attendance reports for a day.
Large Exportable Report Request History
See the list of all export requests made in your account in this report.
Lead Stage Change AnalysisThis report helps you export a large data set of lead-owner-wise lead stage change analysis from a given stage to any other stage in a selected period.
Lead Stage Change History
This Report lets you download the lead stage history.
Leads Not Contacted
This report helps you export a large data set of leads generated in a time-period that haven’t been contacted by your sales team.
Leads with No OpportunitiesTo analyze Leads with no opportunities.
Leads with pending TasksExportable/downloadable version of leads with pending tasks.
Opportunities with No Tasks
Analyse opportunities with no tasks.
Opportunity Master Data
This report lets you download a large number of Opportunities with specific fields in a given date range.

Next, follow the steps below to export a report –

  1. Select a Large Exportable Report.
  2. Apply filters, select fields, and the date range for the data.
  3. Click View Sample Output to get a snapshot of the data (this is a sample and will not include all the data).
  4.  In the Report Recipient field, enter the email address to which the report will sent.
  5. Click Run and Email.
  6. Next, click Submit Report.

LER export

You will receive the link to download the report on the email address you’ve specified on Report Recipient.

Download report

If you select Large Exportable Report Request History report, you can find all the reports that have been exported. You can download individual reports from here as well.

LER export history


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