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[12-Feb-18] Automation Enhancements

We’ve released multiple enhancements to the Automation feature

  • Lead Assignment Quotas
  • Advanced Search for Users While Distributing Leads
  • Numeric Calculations for updating Number Type Fields
  • Custom Headers for Webhooks
  • Other Enhancements


1. Lead Assignment Quotas

You can now set limits on the number of leads that can be assigned to a user per day/week. You can also set exceptions on lead assignment based on lead stage. For example, you can set a limit where a user won’t be assigned more leads if he’s already working on say 20 leads in the ‘Prospect’ stage.
For more information, see Limit the Number of Leads Assigned to a User – Lead Assignment Quotas.


2. Advanced Search for Users While Distributing Leads

We’ve added the user advanced search capability to the Distribute Lead automation card to help you filter through a large number of leads while setting up distribution criteria.
For more information see the ‘Distribute Leads’ section under Automation Actions – Sales Execution.


3. Numeric Calculations for Updating Number Type Fields

Update Lead, Add Activity and Update Activity actions now supports Numeric Calculations. For example –

Add fields

Sets the value to: @{Activity:mx_Custom_2,}  + @{Lead:EngagementScore,}


4. Custom Headers for Webhooks

For security purposes, you can choose to enter a custom name-value pair in the webhook header and then reject all webhook calls where this header isn’t present. For more information, see Automation Actions – Custom.


5. Other Enhancements

  • The ‘Update Activity’ action now supports dependent fields.
  • ‘Activity Owner’ mail merge field is now available in the ‘Update Lead’ card. This allows the ‘Lead Owner’ to be set as ‘Activity Owner’.