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[12-Feb-18] Automation Enhancements

We’ve released multiple enhancements to the Automation feature

  • Lead Assignment Quotas
  • Advanced Search for Users While Distributing Leads
  • Numeric Calculations for updating Number Type Fields
  • Custom Headers for Webhooks
  • Other Enhancements


1. Lead Assignment Quotas

You can now set limits on the number of leads that can be assigned to a user per day/week. You can also set exceptions on lead assignment based on lead stage. For example, you can set a limit where a user won’t be assigned more leads if he’s already working on say 20 leads in the ‘Prospect’ stage.
For more information, see Limit the Number of Leads Assigned to a User – Lead Assignment Quotas.


2. Advanced Search for Users While Distributing Leads

We’ve added the user advanced search capability to the Distribute Lead automation card to help you filter through a large number of leads while setting up distribution criteria.
For more information see the ‘Distribute Leads’ section under Automation Actions – Sales Execution.


3. Numeric Calculations for Updating Number Type Fields

Update Lead, Add Activity and Update Activity actions now supports Numeric Calculations.
For example, if you maintain some numeric field like a custom score outside LeadSquared and you want to update that score based on LeadSquared attributes then here’s how you can do it –

  1. In the Update Lead, Add Activity or Update Activity action cards select the lead field (e.g., custom score) you want to update through a numeric calculation.
  2. Click the checkbox under the Add Mail Merge column.
  3. Type @ and select the lead and activity fields you want to perform numeric calculations on. Click the icon to see the possible numerical operators you can use.
  4. Click Save.

Note: The automation trigger must be New Activity on a Lead or Activity Update on a Lead. If you want to perform a numerical calculation involving an activity field,

  • The activity must be part of the automation trigger.
  • The activity field you want to perform numerical operations on must be of numerical type.

Numerical calculations in add, update activity and update lead

In the example, we’re updating the value of the lead field ‘Custom Score’ to @{Activity:mx_Custom_3,}  + @{Lead:EngagementScore,}


4. Custom Headers for Webhooks

For security purposes, you can choose to enter a custom name-value pair in the webhook header and then reject all webhook calls where this header isn’t present. This is available in all places where webhooks can be created. For more information, see Automation Actions – Custom.


5. Other Enhancements

  • The ‘Update Activity’ action now supports dependent fields. So if you want to update say ‘Country’ and then update the ‘City’ correspondingly, this is now possible provided you’ve created the field dependency. For more information, see the Updating Dependent Fields section of Automation Actions – Lead Actions.
  • ‘Activity Owner’ mail merge field is now available in the ‘Update Lead’ card. This allows the ‘Lead Owner’ to be set as ‘Activity Owner’. For more information, see the Update Lead action here.