Lead Automation Actions – Custom

This article takes you through custom actions in automation.



Use webhooks to automatically post activities to a URL of your choosing. They can be used to push data to third-party applications directly from an automation.

Click Webhook and the Webhook Properties pop-up box will appear.

Webhook update

NameEnter any name for the webhook.
URLEnter the URL you want to post the data to.
Content TypeChoose the format you want the data to be posted in.
Save ResponseAllows you to save the response from a webhook and use it to send dynamic email content or in other automation actions.
Custom HeadersFor security purposes, you can choose to enter a custom name-value pair in the webhook header and then reject all webhook calls where this header isn’t present.
Notify on FailureGet notified everytime a webhook fails.
Retry CountThe number of times you want to retry on failure.

Note: The latest data generated using the webhook is the data retrieved just before the execution of the action you specify in the automation.

For more information on Webhooks, see Webhooks.


Call Lapp

If you’ve created a Lapp, you can call it in your automation. For more information, see Calling a Lapp from Automation.

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