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Limit the Number of Leads Assigned to a User – Lead Assignment Quotas

If you’re new to the automated lead distribution feature, see Automation Actions – Sales Execution and go through the ‘Distribute Leads’ section.

Note: This feature only works for the ‘Distribute Lead’ card of Automation.

You can set limits on the number of leads that can be assigned to a user per day/week. You can also set exceptions on lead assignment based on lead stage. For example, you can set a limit where a user won’t be assigned more leads if he’s already working on say 20 leads in the ‘Prospect’ stage.

To enable this feature –

  1. Navigate My Account>Settings>Users and Permissions>Lead Assignment Quota
  2. Click the Enable Lead Assignment Quota slider.
  3. Set your configurations as explained below, then click Save.

Assignment Limit

LimitSet a limit on the number of leads you want to assign a user per day or week.
Enable for RolesEnable lead assignment limits for user roles.
Users to NotifyNotify users when the quota is reached. The ‘User’s Manager’ is based on the value you provide in the ‘Reporting To’ field of the user’s profile.
Add Exclusion ConditionsDon’t assign leads to users who have a certain number of leads at a certain lead stage.