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[17-Oct-17] Now Manage Activities on LeadSquared Android app (version 5.8)

The Activity List is now available on the menu, so you can manage and access all your activities/opportunities from one place.

You can edit these activities, add new activities and new leads from the same place.

Activity Feature Android 

Change the selected activity type by tapping on the Navigation barActivity Name. The default activity is Sales Activity.Tapping on an activity/opportunity in the list presents the Activity Details and associated attachments, if any. By default, you will be opened to My Activities – the activities you are the owner of, though you can also access all the activities you have permissions for under All Activities.

 Activity Details

Accessing activities from the Activity History of a particular lead, will also present the same new & improved view for the Activity Details. Location enabled activities will show their associated location only from the Activity History of a particular lead, currently (not when viewed from the Activity List).

Note: ‘Activity Details’ view from the Activity list does not currently support masking or permissions applied to the email & phone number fields. Attachments once uploaded to activities, on ‘Edit’ cannot be deleted.