[20-Apr-18] Lapps – The New Developer Platform

With Lapps, you can now write code directly inside LeadSquared without worrying about hosting, versioning, security or scalability.

Here are just a few things you can achieve with Lapps –

  • Integrate your business tools (student management systems, sales management systems, etc.) with LeadSquared.
  • Perform complex industry-specific calculations like GPA, ROI, Credit scores, etc.
  • Generate custom offers for customers like special discounts, loyalty bonuses, etc.
  • Send dynamic content to leads like interest specific product news, offers, etc.
  • And lots more…

For more information, see LeadSquared Lapps.

LeadSquared PlanLapps Rate Limits
Super5 calls per second
50,000 calls per day
20 Lapps
Standard5 calls per second
75,000 calls per day
20 Lapps
Enterprise5 calls per second
100,000 calls per day
50 Lapps