[17-Apr-18] Data Protection and Privacy Settings – Cookie Consent

We’ve added a new settings section for data protection and privacy related settings. These settings enable you to meet the privacy requirements of your end users. They allow your users the choice of sharing or restricting data with your organization and with LeadSquared.

For comprehensive documentation, see Data Protection and Privacy Settings.

privacy settings

Our first release in the series of upcoming data privacy settings is Cookie Consent.


Cookie Consent Settings

As part of the privacy settings, you can allow end users to control whether or not they would like to enable cookies on your website (where the LeadSquared Tracking Script has been installed). If an end user chooses to disable cookies then their behaviour on your website won’t be tracked. This means that page views, source, UTM parameters, etc. will not be tracked for that particular session.

You can customize the cookie consent banner to suit your organization’s style. The end result on your website will look something like this –

consent banner