[22-Dec-17] Telephony Updates

We’ve made a bunch of updates to improve our telephony capabilities.

  • For new telephony installs from this point on, there won’t be any Activity Stream displayed. Customers should use the activity grid on the Manage Activities page instead.
  • ‘Call Duration’ is now tracked in a separate field for inbound and outbound phone call activities. We’re also tracking ‘Owner’, ‘Status’, ‘Display Number’, ‘Call Recording URL’ and ‘Start Time’ for phone calls. You can even setup automation on missed calls using the ‘Status’ field.
    These fields also show up in the Lead Advanced Search feature and on the Manage Activities page.

new fields for phone calls

phone call fields

  • To prevent users from posting incorrect activities, we’ve configured the Activity tab on the Agent Pop-up to be blank if posting an activity isn’t mandatory (in your agent pop-up configuration).

Agent pop-up enhancement

  • Texo is removed as an option from Ameyo connector configuration page.