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How to Use the Advanced Search feature in LeadSquared?

Advanced Search feature of the LeadSquared applications allows you to search leads, that satisfy one or more conditions. This feature is useful when you want to make a list of leads that satisfy multiple criteria. For example, Leads coming from California, leads from education industry and leads who submitted on a particular landing page could be advanced search conditions.

Typical Use Cases for Advanced Search

You can use the advanced search feature during any one of the following scenarios:

  • You want to see any last activity on a lead or a specific last activity on a lead. See Advanced Search: Last Activity on a Lead.
  • You want to see leads on which there was some activity in the last few days. See Advanced Search: Custom Date Filter.
  • You want leads that are submitted on a particular landing page, using a particular keyword to arrive at the page, who are from a specific location and belong to a specific industry type.
  • You want leads who received a particular email campaign, who clicked on a link in that email, whose job title is similar, and from a specific industry type, and time period as yesterday, since, maybe you ran a campaign yesterday.
  • You want leads that visited a particular web page on your website (typically a pricing page), who are from a specific location, and from a specific industry, in the last 30 days.

How to do an Advanced Search?

  • From the default LeadSquared Dashboard, go to  Leads -> Manage Leads. The Manage Leads window appears.

  • In the Manage Leads page, click Advanced Search. The Advanced Search pop-up box appears.
  • Click Any Criteria to search for leads that match any selected search criteria. Click All Criteria to search for leads that match all the search criteria.

Advanced Search feature allows you to search leads based on two broad categories, namely, Activity and Lead Details.

(i) Activity is any action that the lead has taken/performed. Activity also has different sub-divisions or criteria, based on which you can search leads.

  • Sales Activities: These activities are sales related activities that was made by the customer. There are 15 sales activities which you can configure. Out of these, activities Product, Order Value, Sales Date and Sales Owner are mandatory and are available in the search criteria. The remaining sales activities, if selected as Show In Form from the Sales Activity Fields section will be available as search criterions. For more information on Sales Activities, refer to Sales Activity Management.
  • Email Activities: These activities are related to the lead’s response with respect to the Email campaigns & Autoresponders that you send. It includes Email Sent, Opened, Bounced, Link Clicked, Marked Spam, Unsubscribed, Inbound Lead through Email and View in Browser Link Clicked.
  • Web Activities: These activities are related to the lead’s presence on a particular website. It includes Page Visited on Website.
  • Landing Page Activities:  These activities are related to the lead’s response with respect to your landing pages. It includes Conversion Button Clicked and Form Submitted on Website.
  • Phone Activities: These activities are related to the lead’s response with respect to the phone conversations with the marketers. It includes Inbound and Outbound Phone Call Activity.
  • Other Activities or Custom Activities: These are the activities which you can create based on your requirement. There are also some sample activities, based on which you can create your own activity.

Note: You can search using the custom activity which you create from Custom Activities & ScoresThe additional fields for the custom activity can also be used along with the custom activity as the search criteria in advanced search. For more information on Custom Activities and additional fields, refer to How to add Custom Lead Activity and associate a Score to it?

(ii) Lead Details are the lead fields that are present in LeadSquared and those fields that you have created. You can also search leads based on lead details. Typical examples could be Lead Source, Lead Stage, Country and so on. You can select any relevant criteria.

(iii) Tasks can also be used as a filter to search for leads.You can find leads with

  • With open tasks of specific task type
  • With overdue tasks
  • Where tasks were completed yesterday
  • Where tasks are due today for a particular owner

Selecting Activity as Search Criteria

1. In the search criteria section, select Activity from the drop down. Select condition as Is.

2. As mentioned above, you can select criteria based on the lead activity. It could be again sub-divided into activity related to email campaigns, landing pages, websites or even phone calls (You must have enabled Super Receptionist connector). Select the required activity. For example, the screenshot below, Conversion Button Clicked is selected.

3. Next, select the landing page or website in which the condition has to be satisfied. The landing page or website can either be selected from the drop down, or typed in the space provided. In the screen shot below, Any Landing Page is selected.

4. Next, select the time interval, during which the lead has performed the particular activity. The time interval can be all time, today, yesterday, this month, this year or even a custom time interval. In the screen shot below, Custom is selected and Start and End Date is specified.

5. Click on Find Leads button to see the leads that satisfy the specified criteria. You will be redirected to the Manage Leads page, with the leads that satisfied the criteria, being displayed.

Selecting Lead Details as Search Criteria

1. In the search criteria section, select any  relevant Lead Detail from the drop down. In the image, Lead Stage is selected.

2. Select the required condition in the next drop down. In the screen shot below, Is is selected.

3. Next, select the available lead stage options from the drop-down list. Note that these lead stages are already present in LeadSquared. In the image below, Opportunity is selected.

4. Once you have specified the conditions, click on Add button. Similarly you can specify any number of criteria to filter the leads. You can also choose, whether all the selected criteria is to be satisfied, or any of the criteria is to be satisfied.

5. Click Find Leads button to see the leads that satisfy the specified criteria. You are redirected to the Manage Leads page, with the leads that satisfied the criteria, being displayed.

Creating a list of leads who satisfy the criteria

1. After you specify the conditions and retrieve the relavant leads, you can create a list of those leads. Select all the displayed leads and hover on Actions button. Click on Add to List.

2. The Add to List box opens up. Here, you can add the leads to an existing list or create a new list. Click Add once you have chosen the list.


Selecting Tasks as Search Criteria

In this example, we’re searching for all leads with overdue tasks –