Developer Platform Updates

Additional Content-Type Support for “Test Lapps” functionality

The Test Lapp functionality now supports additional content types  – XMLform-data and x-www-form-urlencoded. For more details, see How to Test a Lapp.

LeadSquared Developer Tools


User Personalization in the Mavis DB Admin grid

User specific advanced search filters, column ordering and sorting are retained when navigating from one tab to another (e.g., from the data tab to the audit tab and back) or refreshing the page. For more details, see Mavis DB – Manage Data.


Restrict Columns in Mavis Smart Views

Admins can restrict users from adding additional columns to the grid. When enabled, only the selected columns will be available to the user when personalising their Smart View tab through column customization. To learn more, see Integrate Mavis DB with Smart Views.

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