Introducing LeadSquared Goals

Ace is LeadSquared’s new sales performance management solution.

Built on top of the LeadSquared platform, Ace is a scalable, and easy-to-use suite of products geared towards improving your operational efficiency and effectiveness. Ace offers solutions that span incentive compensation management, advanced analytics, gamification, and more.

LeadSquared Goals is the first in a series of upcoming Ace releases.

ACE Offerings

With Goals, you can measure and track sales performance around critical business metrics and KPIs, across your organization’s hierarchy, all the way from the managerial level, down to individual teams and users.

LeadSquared Goals

Achievements are tracked in near real-time, empowering users to directly see the impact their work has on each goal. In addition to motivating team members, it helps managers appreciate accomplishments and address the challenges their teams face.

LeadSquared Goals

To learn more about Goals, watch our Ace Product Release Webinar.

To get started, browse our feature documentation –

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Note: LeadSquared Ace is a paid feature. For more details, contact your account manager.