Marvin Updates – Canis Major

View Automation Report on Lead and Opportunity Details

Users can now view the Automation Report directly on the Lead or Opportunity Details page. This feature is available in both Marvin and the regular platform (in the new view).

LeadSquared - Automation report in Lead Details


Reply To Header in Emails

Users can now direct replies to one-on-one and bulk emails to a specific user by adding them to the Reply To header during email composition. On the Advanced Configuration settings, search for and enable the Enable ‘Reply To’ header in One to One Send Email setting.

LeadSquared - Reply To in Marvin


Include Other Users in CC/BCC Fields

You can now include other users from your organization in the CC and BCC fields while sending one-on-one and bulk emails.

LeadSquared - CC other users


Disable OTP verification on the Login Page

Users now have an option to disable OTP verification for the next 90 days on the Marvin login screen. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings>Security>Login Settings and enable the Enable Trust Device setting.

LeadSquared - otp verification in marvin


Merge Leads

You can now merge leads in Manage Leads, Lead Smart Views, and List Details pages when leads are selected in bulk. You can find this action under the More Actions dropdown. After a successful merge, the Lead Merge activity is posted on the lead’s Activity History.

LeadSquared - Lead merge in marvin


Activity Field Masking in Forms

If any of the activity fields in a form (both default and dynamic) have view restrictions enabled using permission templates, the data in the field will be masked as ‘xxxx’. Activity field masking will not occur on empty fields (i.e., fields with no data).

LeadSquared - Activity field masking in marvin


Process Integration in Opportunity Details

Processes configured in the LeadSquared platform under Opportunity Details → Edit Opportunity Details and Edit Opportunity Details VCard will now be reflected in Marvin under the respective work areas on the opportunity details page.


Content Menu Restriction

Content Menu restrictions defined in permission templates in the LeadSquared platform will be applied to the email library in Marvin under Insert Image and Insert File Link for one-to-one emails, bulk emails, and email to lists.