New Field Sales Reports – Platform

We’ve introduced new Reports to improve your field sales experience. To ensure a smooth transition to the new reports, we will be deprecating the following existing reports and replacing them with new ones on 8th November, 2023.

User Attendance Analysis

In place of the Field Sales Tracker Report, you can now use the User Attendance Analysis to track your users’ attendance.

LeadSquared - User attendance analysis


Location History Tracker

As an improved alternative to Last Known Location and User Location History reports, you can now use Location History Tracker to monitor and track the daily activities performed by your field sales users. With the new report, you can also determine where the user was located when they were last engaged in an activity.

LeadSquared - Location History Tracker


Distance Travelled Report

Earlier, the distance travelled report was enabled through the Distance Travelled Connector on the Apps Marketplace. Now, we’re deprecating this connector and, in its place, releasing the new Distance Travelled Report that’s accessible directly from the Reports Home page. With this report, you can monitor the distance travelled by your field sales users on any particular day and view a detailed location history of your users on the map view.

LeadSquared - Location History Tracker Report