Control Phone number format while capturing leads

In your Landing Pages and Lead Addition forms inside LeadSquared, the country code of phone number field and the format of phone number data can be controlled through config settings in LeadSquared. Follow these steps:

Navigate to My Account -> Account Settings -> Company Profile

Edit and select a default country code (you can leave it blank if you wish) and phone number format.


Now to the Custom Fields Setting (My Account  -> Settings -> Customization > Lead Fields). Edit the field that represents phone number (e.g. the default system field Phone Number or Mobile Number):

mobile contorlBy default the “Show as” property will be “Textbox” which means the phone number can be entered as free text. You can select “Phone Control” if you want to capture is as a phone number with the country code and format that you chose in previous step.

mob contronl

You can put rule on min and max length of phone number once you select Phone Control in show as.  Save the changes.   Similarly, you can change other fields that represent phone numbers.

After saving, you will see the country code field in Add New Lead form, Quick Add Lead your New landing pages:

Quick Add with Ph

You will notice the country code on landing page form phone number field below:

Landing Page Ph

Note: You will need to republish existing landing pages in order to get phone control reflected on them. 

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Rushika Nalamwar
Rushika Nalamwar
1 year ago

I am not able to change show as to textbox. the dropdown has disabled for me. why is that so? my form is already posted on the website.

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Rushika Nalamwar
8 months ago

Hi, Rushika. If the Phone/Mobile lead field is unique, you can’t change it to a textbox.