How to embed Flash (.swf) file in landing pages

Flash files can be embedded in LeadSquared landing pages.

Note that the flash (.swf) file should be hosted in a server, which means it should have a URL. Please contact if you need any assistance with the flash file URLs.


You have logged in to LeadSquared.

You have hosted the flash file and have the URL ready.


Add a HTML block in the landing page where you need the flash file to be appeared.
Double click the block and open the editor, click on “Source” to go to the HTML source view of the html block. Paste this code there:


The above code is available as text file at: Code to Embed Flash Objects.

Replace your flash file URL with the URL of your flash file in above code.

You can change the dimensions of the file by changing height and width in the code.

Click on ‘Save’ in the HTML block once the changes are done.

Publish the landing page.

Flash file in the landing page should work.

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