Transactional vs Promotional SMS

Note: All SMS templates must be approved on the DLT platform.


Transactional SMS

These are SMS messages you send to leads to inform them about details necessary to use your products/services. For example –

  • A message sent by a college to a student about a joining date.
  • A message sent to a lead as confirmation of their online submission.
  • A message sent to a caller acknowledging their call to your sales/support number.

Examples of Transactional SMS Templates:

  • Your order no %d% has been shipped. You will receive this order by %s%. Thanks for using our services.
  • Thanks for your interest in our product. Your enquiry number is %s%.
  • Thank you signing up for LeadSquared. We will contact you shortly.


  • %s% is used to substitute the text which is unique to your contact/prospect.
  • To send SMS within Indian territory, refer to TRAI Notification.

LeadSquared - Transactional SMS


 Promotional SMS

These are SMS messages you send to leads with the objective of promoting your product/service. This category includes any sales and marketing messages which may or may not be required for the recipient.

Examples of Promotional SMS Templates:

  • Dear <name>, Get Flat 10% Off on all our products. Buy now on our website!
  • Dear <name>, Our team wishes you a very Happy <event>. We’ve sent you a gift voucher to your email address.  Hurry! Last date to avail the voucher is <date>.


  • In India, promotional SMS can only be sent from 9AM to 9PM and only to phone numbers that are not on the NDNC registry (DND number).
  • All SMS messages that have offers, coupons, etc., can be considered as promotional content.

LeadSquared - Promotional SMS



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