Error Notifications When Capturing Leads from Third Party Apps

Error Notifications

When capturing leads from a thrid-party application, if your leads are not being captured as intended, we’ll notify you via email, about the reasons behind this failure.

  • Sync Job Failed – In this instance, the Sync API or the Transformation API have failed, and no leads have been pulled from the data source.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector

  • Partial Sync Error Notification – In this instance, more than 30% of the total leads pulled have an error.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector

  • Sync Job Failed continuously – In this instance, the sync job has failed to fetch any leads in five continuous attempts.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector

  • Configuration/Sync Disabled – If any user has manually disabled the sync process, we will notify you about the same. This is done to ensure that you’re aware of the update, and to remind you to enable the sync process before you restart the lead capture process.

LeadSquared Lead Capture Connector


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