How to Export More than 1 Lakh Leads?

You can’t directly export more than 1 lakh leads. However, if you have more than 1 lakh leads you can always create lists of less than 1 lakh leads and then export those lists. You can create these lists based on any criteria (lead fields, lead activities, tasks, etc.) but this article shows you an easy way to export more than 1 lakh leads using the ‘Lead Number’.

The lead number is a lead field that is auto-generated every time you create a lead. So the first lead you create is assigned lead number 1, the second is assigned lead number 2 and so on. Even if you delete lead number 2, the next lead you create will be assigned lead number 3.

Note: ESS tenants can export up to 5 lakh (500,000) leads in a single request. To enable this feature on your account, contact your account manager or

To create a list based on lead number –

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Lists and click the Create New List button.
  2. On the Create New List pop-up, set up the criteria Lead Number less than or equal to 100000 then click Add.
  3. Your criteria will show up on the right. Now click Find Leads.
  4. After reviewing your list, click Save as Static List.
  5. Enter a list name and description, then click Save.
  6. You’ll be directed back to the Manage Lists page. Click the name of your new list.
  7. The List Details page will open. Under the Actions (not List Actions), click Export.
  8. On the Export Leads pop-up the Export All Leads radio button will be selected by default. Click Export.

If you have more 2 lakh leads to export you can create a new list with the criteria –
Lead Number Between 100000 and 200000, and then export that list as well. If you have 3 lakh then set the criteria between 200000 and 300000 and so on…

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