Automation Reports

Once you’ve published an automation, you can check its performance in real-time by accessing the automation report. You’ll get insights into leads who’ve –

  • Entered the automation.
  • Transitioned through the various steps (action cards) or taken a certain course of action.
  • Exited the automation successfully or stalled at a certain step.

You can use this real-time feedback to tailor your automations to ensure you’re reaching your goals.

Automation Report Page


Accessing the Automation Report

To access the report –

  1. From your dashboard, navigate to Marketing>Automation.
  2. In the automation listing grid, hover the mouse over the wheel icon alongside the automation you want to view the report for, then click View Report.

Note: You can only view reports for published automations.

Automation Report Navigation


Report Insights

The left side of the automation report page tells you how many unique leads have entered your automation based on the trigger you’ve set. It shows you how many leads have exited or transitioned through the steps or stages and also gives you the created on and published on date and time of the automation.

You can also apply date filters to view leads entering or transitioning through the automation within a specific time frame.

report details

You can also view metrics on each automation card and the specific leads at a certain stage of the automation. To do so, click the graph icon alongside the automation card. Then click View Leads to see the list of leads who are at that particular step in the automation –

View List of Leads


Email Reports

You can view email reports for automations that contain Send Email action cards –

Email Automation Card

The report gives you detailed information on your emails, including delivery rates, bounce rates, open rates, click rates and lots more.

You’ll see the View Email Report option for these automations when you hover the mouse over the wheel icon alongside the automation on the grid.

View Automation Email report

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