Google Analytics Reports in LeadSquared

You can access Google Analytics reports right from the reports section of your LeadSquared account.
They are available at Reports>Reports Home>Website and Landing Pages.

google analytics reports

A one-time set up is required to access these reports. You must complete the following configurations in both the Google Developer Console as well as the LeadSquared web application –

  1. Create a new project in the Google Developer Console
  2. Enable Google Analytics API
  3. Generate OAuth Client ID and whitelist ‘’ in both the application and for the Client ID
  4. Pass the OAuth Client ID in any Google Analytics report in the LeadSquared application, then log in and accept permissions

This article takes you through the setup procedure, step by step.



  • Ensure that the user performing the setup has access to LeadSquared reports.
  • You must have a Google account with access to Google Analytics and Google Developer Console.


Create a New Project

1. In the Google Developer Console (, click Select a project, and create a new project when prompted.

select a project google dev console

2. Give the project a valid name (for e.g., ‘LeadSquared Embedded Reports’) and click the Create button.

create new project - google developer console


Enable Google Analytics API

1. Navigate to and login with the Gmail ID associated with your Google Analytics account.

google developer platform login

2. On the left pane, click API & Services.

google developers api and services

3. Click Enable APIs and Services.

enable apis and services google dev

4. You’ll be directed to the API Library page.

google api library page

5. Search for and select Google Analytics API.

google analytics api - developer console

6. Click the Enable button.

enable analytics api google developer console


Generate OAuth Client ID and Whitelist URL

1. Navigate to On the left pane, click the Credentials tab, then click OAuth Consent Screen. Enter an application name (for e.g., ‘LeadSquared Embedded Reports App’)

OAuth Consent - Google Developer Platform

2. Scroll down the page and under Authorised domains, enter ‘’. Click Save.

authorised domains - google developer console

3. Click the Credentials tab, then click Create Credentials and select OAuth Client ID.

oauth client ID - google developer console

4. Select the Application Type as Web Application. Enter a valid name for the OAuth Client ID. Under Authorized JavaScript origins enter this URL – then click Create.

Create OAuth Client ID - google developer console

5. The Client ID that gets generated must be used in the LeadSquared Reports to access the embedded Google Analytics report. Copy this Client ID.

OAuth Client


Access Google Analytics Reports in LeadSquared

1. Log in to your LeadSquared account (

2. Navigate to Reports>Reports Home.

reports home page

3. Scroll down the page and click Website and Landing Pages.

website and landing pages reports

4. Open any Google Analytics report (reports starting with ‘GA Report’).

GA reports

5. On the top right corner of the page, click the settings settings gear icon icon.

GA Report Initial Setup

6. Enter the Client ID generated in previous steps. Close the popup, then click Run Report.

GA Client Id

7. If the Client ID is correct and the URL whitelisting was done correctly, you’ll see an Access Google Analytics button. Click this button to proceed.

Access Google Analytics Reports

8. A Google Sign in pop window will appear. Log in with the same Gmail ID you used for the settings in the Google Developer Console.

login to google account LeadSquared

9. The following warning screen may appear. You can either submit a verification request to remove this screen. Or Click Advanced.

verifying app for GA reports

10. After clicking on advanced, click the Go to (unsafe) link.

app verification

11. Click to Allow to grant LeadSquared the required permissions.

allow GA permissions

12. Click to confirm granting all permissions.

grant GA all permissions

13. Once the permissions are confirmed, the report will load. You can now select any Google Analytics account associated with your Gmail ID.

GA Users by Country Report

Note: This is a one-time setup. You can now load any other Google Analytics report in LeadSquared without entering your Client ID or granting permissions.


Any Questions?

If you have trouble with the setup or any feedback on the article, please share your feedback in the comments below.

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