Where can I find my LeadSquared API Host URL, Access Key and Secret Key?

Your Host URL, Access Key and Secret Key enable you to use LeadSquared’s API. Note that these keys are confidential and should not be shared with anyone or exposed publicly.

To find your Host URL, LeadSquared Access Key and Secret Key –

  1. Navigate to My Profile>Settings> API and Webhooks>API Access Keys.
  2. Your Host URL will differ based on the region in which your LeadSquared account was created –
    • Singapore https://api.leadsquared.com/v2/
    • United States https://api-us11.leadsquared.com/v2/
    • India (Mumbai) https://api-in21.leadsquared.com/v2/
    • India (Hyderabad) https://api-in22.leadsquared.com/v2/
    • Ireland https://api-ir31.leadsquared.com/v2/
    • Canada https://api-ca12.leadsquared.com/v2/
  3. To view the Access key, click Generate Key.
  4. To view the Secret Key, click Show Secret Key.
LeadSquared - LeadSquared Access key and Secret key.

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