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Email Library – Adding Templates to Email Library

LeadSquared allows you to create email templates and reuse it for One-to-one Emails. This reduces the time taken for creating emails, each time you want to send a One-to-one Email to your lead.

Adding Email Templates to Email Library

To add reusable email content:

  • From the default LeadSquared Dashboard, to Content -> Email Library. The Email Library window appears.
  • Click Add Email Template. The Add Email Template pop-up box appears.

Add Email template

Select the required option from this pop-up box and you are redirected corresponding email template editor window.

Here you can create the email content you would use, for sending One-to-One emails. The email template editor is the same as one present in the email campaign feature.

  • Click here to see how to use the HTML email composer.
  • Click here to see how to use the Text email composer.

After you create the content:

  • Save the content as Draft, if you want to make changes to it.


  •  Save the content and Publish it to use for One-to-one emails.

Note: Only published Email templates can be reused.

Actions Available in Email Library

The following actions are available from the Email Library window:

  • Publish: Allows to publish the email templates in draft status.
  • Unpublish: Allows to unpublish email templates.
  • Edit: Allows to edit email templates.
  • Delete: Allows to delete email templates.
  • Preview: Allows to preview the email templates


actions 2

Other Features available in Email Library Window

Import Sample Templates – Allows you to import sample email templates to the Email Library.

import templates

Select the required templates and click Import.

Using the Email Content for One to One Emails

Once you publish the email content, you can use the content when you are sending a one to one email.

  • From the default LeadSquared dashboard, go to Leads -> Manage Leads.  The Manage Leads window appears.
  • Click Actions against the desired lead. Click Send Email.

The Send Email window appears. Use the Use Email from Library drop-down list to reuse the content from the email library. Only published email content will be available in the drop-down list.