Email Library – Adding Templates to Email Library

1. Feature Overview

Create reusable email templates for one-to-one emails and email campaigns on the Email Library page. You can view and edit these templates on the same page. You can also import any sample email templates you already have. The flow of the email template editor is the same as the email campaign editor.



2. Prerequisite

You must be the Administrator or the Marketing User of your account.


3. Add Email Templates

Navigate to Content>Email Library and click Add Email Template.  You can select the type of Email Template you want to add on the Add Email Template pop-up window.

  • Use Visual Designer – You can design your email template from scratch through this option. To know more about designing templates, see How to Design Emails in LeadSquared and Email Campaign Editor (BEE Editor).
  • Use Rich-Text Editor – You can create a template using LeadSquared’s standard rich-text editor. You can select this option to send simple messages with attached images and files.
  • Paste your HTML – You can use your own HTML template by pasting it in this section. To know more, see HTML Editor and Use your own Custom HTML to design Email Template.
  • Use Plain-Text Editor – You can draft simple messages with high deliverability through this option. However, you cannot add images or text formatting in this template.

Once you’re done designing your email template, you can save it as a draft by clicking on Save or publish it immediately by clicking on Save and Publish.


  • Only published templates can be used in one-to-one emails and email campaigns.
  • The templates available in the editor you choose will depend on the editor you used to design your template. For example, HTML editor will only display the templates you created using the same editor.
  • You must upload the required images in Images and Documents to add them to your Email Templates.
  • You can personalize emails by including certain fields in the text like Lead First Name, Job Title, etc. To know more, see How to Personalize your Emails by Using Mail Merge Tags.
  • You can send test emails to different email addresses for review. To do so –
    • If you’ve chosen Use Visual Designer, click Test Content.
    • If you’ve chosen any of the other three options, enter the email addresses in the text box under Send Test Emails.
  • You can add unsubscribe, mailing preference, and view in browser link by adding the following code snippet before the end of the body tag –
    ActionCode Snippet
    Unsubscribe<a href=”MXVAR[{unsubscribeurl}]”>Unsubscribe</a>
    Mailing Preference<a href=”MXVAR[{managesubscriptionurl}]”>Mailing Preferences</a>
    View in Browser<a href=”MXVAR[{viewinbrowserurl}]”>View in browser</a>

LeadSquared - Add email templates

4. Other Actions

  • To import sample templates to the Email Library page, under LeadSquared Templates, click Import Sample Templates.
  • To edit your HTML or text signature, under Related Settings, click Signature.
  • Alongside the email template name, if you hover your cursor over tags icon, you can view all the tags associated with the template. You can also add new tags or delete tags here. The Manage Tags action can also be used to perform the same.
  • To view these row actions, alongside the template, click LeadSquared
    • Publish – Publish the email templates in draft status.
    • Unpublish – Unpublish email templates.
    • Edit – Edit email templates.
    • Delete – Delete email templates.
    • Clone – Clone the selected email template.
    • Hide – Hide email templates with private information instead of deleting them.
    • Preview – Preview email templates

LeadSquared - email library

4.1 View Hidden Email Templates

Hide email templates that contain business records or private information instead of deleting them. By doing so, you can navigate, search and sort templates much faster without irrelevant templates cluttering the page. Once hidden, you can also choose to unhide these templates and show them on the Email Library.

  • To hide an email template, alongside the template, clickLeadSquared. Then, click Hide.
  • To view the hidden templates in your account, alongside Show Only Hidden, click SIERA Checkbox. You can now view all your hidden templates.
  • To unhide any template, alongside the template, clickLeadSquared. Then, click Unhide.
Note: Hidden email templates will only be displayed when you select Show Only Hidden.

LeadSquared - Hide email template

4.2 Add Tags to Email Templates

You can add tags to email templates while creating or editing them. This feature is now available by default to all users.

  • You can create new tags or select an existing one while drafting your email.

LeadSquared - email tags

  • You can retrieve email templates from the Email Library by filtering these templates based on their tags.

LeadSquared - email tags

  • In the email templates grid, alongside the email template name, if you hover your cursor over tags icon, you can view all the tags associated with the template. You can also add new tags or delete tags here.

LeadSquared - Email tags

  • On the Email Library, to manage (view, add, or delete) your tags, hover your cursor over LeadSquared - Settings icon and select Manage Tags.

LeadSquared - tags 3

  • Use email templates while drafting an email by clicking on Use Template. On the Use Template pop-up, you can filter the templates by their tags. You can also add or remove tags while saving the template.

LeadSquared - Manage tags


5. Send One to One Emails Using Templates

Send one-to-one emails using the templates available in the Email Library –

  1. Navigate to Leads>Manage Leads.
  2. Click LeadSquared and select Send Email.
  3. Click the Use Email from Library dropdown and select a template. Alternatively, you can enter the name of the template in the dropdown box.
  4. Make relevant changes and click Send.
LeadSquared - Send one to one emails using template



6. Send Email Campaigns Using Templates

  1. Navigate to Marketing>Email Campaigns and click Create Email Campaign.
  2. Enter the Email Campaign name and select how you would like to create the email – using email templates (visual designer) or using the Html Editor.

6.1 Using Visual Designer

  1. On step 1 of creating an email campaign, select Use Email Template.
  2. You can now view all the published visual designer templates. Select one and click Next.
  3. On the visual designer, you can customize your template and send it to your leads.
  4. To use another template, click the Use Template from Library dropdown and select a template.
  5. To save the customized email as a template, click Save as Template.
  6. To download the template, click Download Template.
  7. To upload a template from your device, click upload template.

LeadSquared - Visual designer email campaign using template

6.2 Using HTML Editor

  1. On step 1 of creating an email campaign, select Use HTML.
  2. Select an HTML Editor and click Next.
    • If you want to write your own HTML code and add rich text content (like coloured text, bold text, headings, etc.), select Use Rich-Text editor.
    • If you have a pre-written or third-party HTML code for the email, you can directly paste it into the editor by selecting the Paste your HTML option. This option is chosen in the gif shown below.
    • If you want to create a simple text email campaign without images and attachments, select Use Plain-Text editor.
  3. Once you can view the editor, click the Use Email from Library dropdown.
  4. Customise the template and send it to your leads.
LeadSquared - Html editor email campaign using template

Any Questions?

Did you find this article helpful? Please let us know any feedback you may have in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you and help you out!

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4 months ago

HI Team,

Im trying to save a template, but it not accepting. It shows the message “unable to save email. Please try again later”. Can you please guide me the resoultion?

7 months ago

Hi Sri Sudan,

Can we use same template for many cards in Automation by replacing only creative?

1 year ago

Suppose I want to update an email template through API. Is it possible to do that and If possible, how can I do it?

Zak Pierce
Zak Pierce
1 year ago

Where can I find information on testing the “Mailing Preferences” and “Unsubscribe” link features?

Zak Pierce
Zak Pierce
1 year ago

When I use the “Test Email” option it sends me one HTML version and one plain text version. Is that intentional? And will the clients be getting 2?

Reply to  Dharshana Santhanam
8 months ago

in our case both HTML and plain text emails are received. what can be the reason?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  subin
8 months ago

Hi, Subin. When sending test emails, you’ll get both the HTML and Plain Text versions. However, when sending the email campaign to customers, usually, only the HTML version is sent. In some cases, when email clients can’t accept the HTML version due to issues on their end, we send the plain text version to ensure delivery.

Reply to  Sri Sudhan
7 months ago

Can we modify the plain text version then? The entire content shows as one big paragraph, which looks super odd.

1 year ago


I need to download the Complete Email templates (along with Content) from the Email Library.

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Sandhiya
1 year ago

Hi, Sandhiya. Bulk downloads is currently not supported for the email templates available on your account. You can download each template individually from the Email Template screen.

Resham Kapoor
Resham Kapoor
2 years ago

Is there any condition for the images which we want to import?
I am unable to import and use images.

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  Resham Kapoor
2 years ago

Hi, you cannot directly import images to your email templates. Instead, you must first upload them to your LeadSquared Image Library, and then use these images in your templates. To know how to do this, refer to Image and File Manager. Hope this helps!

michele hayes
michele hayes
2 years ago

Can you duplicate a template?

Sri Sudhan
Reply to  michele hayes
2 years ago

Hi, Michele. There’s no mechanism to duplicate a template. But you can reuse an existing template multiple times, across different email campaigns. Hope this helps!